A-10 Ground Support Plane
CNCR A10 Thunderbolt Render


  • 30mm Gatling gun
  • rockets
The A-10 Thunderbolt II, or the "Warthog", is a plane that appears in Renegade


The A-10 is built for survivability, it is armed with a 30mm nose cannon firing shell that could easily destroy an enemy tank and bombs/rockets to destroy ground targets.


In-game, it is merely a background prop or part of scripted cutscenes. It does not appear in multiplayer.


In the mission: The Scorpion Hunters, despite having "titanium construction", it is shot down almost immediately after dropping it's payload (if it ever dropped it).

See Also

A-10 Ground Support Plane (Tiberian Dawn) - The version seen in tiberian Dawn

A-10 (Generals) - The version seen in CnC Generals.

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