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AT-22 Hunter
  • Basic
  • With Blue Tiberium Core

GDI Offense Class


Tank destroyer


150mm Ionized Railgun (Cannon)



Hit points


Armour type



6 CP

Build time


Produced by

GDI Offence Crawler


Rank 1



Ground attack





CNC4 Range Boost Cameo Range boost
CNC4 Speed Boost Cameo Speed boost
CNC4 Accuracy Boost Cameo Accuracy boost


Combat acclimation

  • Gains veterancy faster (passive)
CNC4 Hunter Cameo
Ready to take point.
- Hunter

The AT-22 Hunter is a GDI Offense-class tank destroyer in Tiberian Twilight, introduced in 2066.[1]


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The Hunter was born out of necessity. As Nod Separatists and rogue militias attacked TCN construction sites worldwide, utilizing more and more advanced technologies, exploiting the weaknesses of the MBT-6 Predator (such as slow speed), the truth dawned to GDI commanders - they were simply unable to compete with Nod's technology married to their traditional hit-and-run tactics, as whenever they used Predators, they'd be outrun, while when they used APCs, they'd be outgunned by the newest AT-6 flame tank.

In response to such a conundrum, GDI Captain Leon Kamperov, in charge of protecting the town of Waukesha and nearby TCN nodes #30 and #24, ordered his engineers to make a radical step - strip down Predators in the Waukesha war factory and use their armour and turrets to upgrade Guardian APCs. Creating a vehicle that is actually not a tank but a tank destroyer (as it has wheels instead of tracks). The resulting contraption proved effective at destroying Separatist forces attacking the nodes and Waukesha, despite their numerical advantage.[1]

Although most of the improvised tank destroyers were lost in the battle, no civilian was harmed and the TCN nodes stood. In recognition for his ability to improvise and effectively lead his men, Captain Kamperov was promoted to Major and commissioned to design a next generation tank destroyer - the Hunter. His final design blends the speed and maneuverability of a wheeled vehicle with the power and armor of a tank - ideal for defending remote TCN nodes worldwide.[1]


The Hunter is an evolution of the original APC chassis from the Third Tiberium War. Redesigned and outfitted with a next generation armoured hull, it is now capable of sustaining several direct hits from cannon rounds, although it is still not as durable as tanks. With its 8-wheel drive, however, it is capable of reaching road speeds unavailable to conventional tanks and as such it can easily outmaneouver enemies or chase them down when they flee.

Of note is the fact that the Hunter is the first GDI vehicle to carry both a Tiberium core generator and ionized railgun weaponry. The ionizer increases the firepower of the tank: it envelops the railgun projectile with high energy shortly before being launched—this combination of Ion and Rail technology equates to near-unparalleled armor penetration. A side effect is the blue glow of the weapon, caused by high energy particles in the air, common to all GDI weaponry of the TCN era.

Hunters crews are often first response units, as they usually patrol and perform intercept missions in hostile territories. As their tasks include both defending the TCN and pursuing any attackers, crewmen of these tanks are exposed to more combat situations per week than other troops are in months. As such, they are quick learners on the battlefield.


GDI Engineer 2047
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The Hunter is the GDI Offense Class's Tier 1 "main battle tank" (technically a tank destroyer, but also a tank destroyer on an APC chassis that can't carry infantry in it) and does not need to be unlocked. It provides a combination of speed and firepower previously not available to GDI commanders, giving great flexibility. While not having the durability of the Nod Avenger, it has far superior mobility, and in the right hands, is the superior tank in most situations.

The Hunter is armed with a 150mm ionized railgun that deals Cannon-type damage, highly effective against the Medium armour of most medium tanks. The railgun is not able to target or hit air units.

The Hunter has Medium armour itself and is weak against other Cannon-armed vehicles.

The Hunter's special ability is that it gains veterancy much faster than any other unit in the game, not withstanding green Tiberium core upgrades.




  • Ready to take point!


  • Hunter crew, all set!
  • Good to go!
  • Hunter, in position!
  • My men are ready!
  • Standing by!
  • Ready to roll?
  • All set.
  • Watch that perimeter!


  • Coordinates received!
  • Take the position!
  • Follow me!
  • Let's move!
  • Rolling deep!
  • Stay alert!
  • Maintain speed!
  • Moving in!
  • Roger that!
  • Solid copy!


  • Get on that cannon!
  • Light 'em up!
  • Holding and firing!
  • Enemy in range!
  • Engaging!
  • We've got enemies!
  • Open 'em up!

Move to Attack

  • Move into range!
  • Closing on hostiles!
  • You have your target, men!
  • A.O. set!
  • Ready combat ops!
  • We'll take 'em, sir!
  • Maintain dispersion!
  • Enemy contact!

In Combat

  • Watch your sectors!
  • Guns are hot!
  • Keep it up, men!
  • We got 'em!
  • You got this, Hunter crew!

Taking Fire

  • Hang in there, men!
  • We can take a few hits!
  • Sir, we're taking fire!
  • Can't take too much of this!
  • It's heating up!
  • Stick with the S.O.P., men!


  • Pull back, men!
  • Roger, withdraw in progress!
  • Get out of the kill zone!


  • The Hunter tank appears to utilize fragile mechanical joints to steer its wheels, which is impractical considering Nod's interest in using buried/stealthed explosive devices.


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