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A Monument to Madness

The Unfathomable Fortress


Forever Sets the Sun

Part of

War of the Three Powers




Mount Rushmore, USA


Allied victory
President Howard T. Ackerman killed



Ackerman's private army

  • Prevent Ackerman from firing the weapon
  • Eliminate Ackerman
  • Defend the firebase
  • Protect Ackerman

Warren Fuller
Allied Commander

President Howard T. Ackerman


Initial forces:


Allied arsenal

Mount Rushmore doomsday weapons


Moderate to Heavy


  • Howard Ackerman killed
We won't stand for this treachery Bingham! Do you hear me?! My advisors warned me about trusting you Allies!
- Cherdenko before the operation.

A Monument to Madness is the sixth mission of the Allied Campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. The mission marks the first time in Allied history where the Allies are forced to eliminate one of their own leaders to prevent a resumption of war with the Soviet Union.


With the liberation of Gibraltar and the destruction of the Floating fortress in the North Sea, the alliance between the Allies and the Soviet Union appeared to be successful. However, Field Marshal Bingham received an emergency transmission from Premier Cherdenko, who angrily stated that he won't stand for the Allies' "treachery".

It appeared that one of the Allies' relay satellites was targeted right at Moscow, its source being a command post located in the Mount Rushmore monument, one that the Allies have no record of. Bingham quickly tried to contact President Howard T. Ackerman, the only Allied leader against the alliance with the Soviets due to his staunch anti-communism views. But the President merely commented that Bingham could "thank [him] later when this is all over" before cutting off the transmission. Knowing that allowing Ackerman to destroy Moscow would cause the Soviets to retaliate, the Allies were forced to eliminate the mad President.

The Battle

Phase One

It looks like the President's gone rogue on us - this is so hard for us to believe! Nevertheless, we have a job to do. Take out the Communications Tower before he transmits a code to fire.
- Lieutenant Eva

Special Agent Tanya, as well as several engineers and spies under the command of the Allied Commander and Commander Warren Fuller respectively, were sent in destroy the communications tower at a forward outpost near Mount Rushmore. Tanya eliminated the attack dogs defending the outpost, allowing one of the spies to sneak into the outpost's power plant, disabling the Multigunner turrets defending the outpost.

With the base defenses down, Tanya quickly wiped out the outpost and destroyed the radio tower, preventing Ackerman from transmitting the launch codes remotely.

The Weapon Revealed

None of you have the guts to do what needs to be done, so I'm going to wipe the Soviets off this planet myself, and you can't stop me! Should my heart stop beating, the weapon fires.
- Ackerman transmitting to the commander during the operation
If that weapon fires, I have no choice but to launch every weapon I have against the United States! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?
- Cherdenko to the commander, in response to the above
RA3 Rushmore Superweapons

Mount Rushmore superweapons

At the monument itself, the bust of Roosevelt cracked open to reveal a massive inter-continental laser, poised to fire at Moscow. Though the communication tower was destroyed, the weapon could still be fired, though Ackerman would have to enter a firebase near the weapon itself.

Rogue Counterattack

An MCV was deployed at the previous site of the outpost, and several more engineers, commanded by Warren, recommissioned a nearby abandoned military base. However, Ackerman soon attacked the bases with Multigunner IFVs, Riptide ACVs, Guardian Tanks and squadrons of Vindicators. However, Allied command reacted by releasing plans for the Mirage tank and the Spectrum Tower, as well as sending in 6 Mirage Tank reinforcements, which were stationed there all along.

Laser Statues Online


Recon footage of the Rushmore Heads

Sweet mother of-- Lasers!
Why, Honest Abe, WHY?!
Jefferson, NO!
What the heck is up with Washington?!!

- Several Allied Peacekeepers trying to take cover from laser fire from the Rushmore defense systems.

As Ackerman approached the monument, he activated several Head Control Centers, which caused the busts of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln to transform into large laser platforms capable of decimating an attacking force. However, Century Bombers from nearby Allied airbases air dropped engineers into the control centers, where they powered down the destructive heads.

Assault on the Firebase

After a long campaign, the loyalist forces managed to push through the heavily defended base, and the firebase was destroyed, thus preventing the superweapon from firing, and killing thousands of civilians.

A Presidential Death


Ackerman's private chopper.

Something's fishy. How did that crazy old man Ackerman manage to set all this up, right behind our backs?
- An Allied spy, commenting on the operation.

After the Firebase was destroyed, with his ace in the hole should he die first gone, Ackerman attempted an evacuation from the area by teleporting his Limo to the local Airfield. His personal helicopter, Marine One, quickly flew in to drop off five Javelin Soldiers to cover his escape and pick up the president. The president almost got away, however, a Apollo Fighter squadron managed to intercept and shoot down Marine One in time. The Soviet-Allied alliance was saved.



Recon photo of the remains of the Presidential chopper.

It's a shame it had to be this way, but we did it.
- Tanya after Ackermans death
Ah, commander, that was a close one. I can assure you, we did the right thing. Ackerman put the whole world in danger with that mad stunt, and all the while, we're at war with the Empire of the Rising Sun!
- Bingham, during the briefing for the next mission

After Ackerman's death, the Vice-President of the United States succeeded as the president, and the Allies began preparing for their joint offensive on Empire soil with the Soviets. Unbeknownst to them, however, the Soviets have their own secret agenda...


Attempting to freeze Ackerman's limousine with Cryocopters is highly inadvisable, since Ackerman will attempt to shoot down the Cryocopters with Apollo fighters, and their falling wreckage may destroy the frozen limo, instantly failing the mission. The safest strategy is to slow Ackerman's limo using only the Cryoshot protocol, and focus on destroying the Rushmore firebase.

The western entrance to the Rushmore base is the best route of attack. Destroy the Spectrum towers with bombers and the Multigunner turret with tanks. Once all of the power plants are destroyed, the firebase would be wide open for an attack.



  • There is a rare glitch when Ackerman's limo go off the road, into the battlefield, climb up into his base then climb up a steep mountain, falls down from the mountain and then get stuck under the bust of Roosevelt. It is weird that his limo could climb a mountain without a strain and when it falls, it receives no damage at all. When this happens, the player can have unlimited time to destroy the firebase
  • After the destruction of the firebase, Ackerman can be immediately killed before he can board Marine One, which completes the mission as normal. This is most easily done by using the Surgical Strike protocol on Ackerman's limo.
  • If a building is constructed on the bottom left corner of the map before the Mirage tanks are given player control, the Mirage tanks may be forced to move elsewhere, momentarily revealing their true nature.

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