Ivory Coast








Ivory Coast

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn


Steal The Detonator

Abidjan is a city in the Ivory Coast. GDI had a second detonator in the city planning to destroy the Nod forces with nuclear weapons when they smashed Benin and its capital city, Porto Novo.

First Tiberium War

In an early middle of the First Tiberium War, Abidjan became the second GDI Command Center to hold a nuclear detonator and manning it is the GDI Ivorian Commander plus his partner, the GDI Commander in Abidjan. Unknown to them and Robert Fielding, the President of the Ivory Coast asked Nod to defect quickly from GDI along with Benin in a bid to save themselves. The Nod forces officially surrender the government and quickly went into Abidjan to steal the detonator. They destroyed the GDI forces and the base before taking the detonator, but killed the two GDI Commanders stationed in the city's Construction Yard. The President of the Ivory Coast joined Benin's President and Seth to rid GDI forces in Nigeria and over-run Western Africa with full force in the aftermath of the mission.

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