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Ackerman's helicopter

Howard T. Ackerman


Aerial transport



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Ackerman's helicopter is an aircraft used to transport the President to safety in case of danger.


The helicopter is featured in Operation: A Monument To Madness. It was used to airlift President Ackerman after his plan to level Moscow was thwarted by Commander (Name Classified). The Commander's Apollo Fighters destroyed it, eventually killing Ackerman

Game unit

The helicopter can carry five Javelin Soldiers and Ackerman's limousine , thus making it similar to a Twinblade sans the weapons. It also carries two Vindicator bombs, but these are not used by Ackerman.


It bears a resemblance to the real life Emergency Escape Helicopter for the President of the United States, known by its callsign, Marine One, when carrying the President.

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