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Adaptive armour
KW Titan and Mammoth with Adaptive Upgrade
A Titan Mk. II and a Mammoth Mk. III refitted with adaptive armour

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Allows Titan Walkers and Mammoth Tanks to activate Adaptive Armor, which makes them immune to EMP effects and increases armor but also slows rate of fire.

CNCKW Adaptive Armor Cameo

Adaptive armour was a Steel Talons-exclusive vehicle upgrade, developed by the Steel Talons experimental combat technology division shortly after the Firestorm Crisis.


It was normally retrofitted onto Titan Mk. II battle walkers and Mammoth 27 tanks.

The armour was not a passive system. Upon activation it conferred improved durability and immunity to EMP at the expense of a vehicle's rate of fire. This could be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the situation.

Game Effect

Adaptive armour may be used in conjunction with the Railgun Accelerator. The accelerator almost restores the rate of fire to normal, while the armor partially mitigates the damage inflicted on the vehicle by the accelerator. The Adaptive armor was also useful for allowing a particular unit, such as the Mammoth, to take all the abuse for the other units with the adaptive armour actived, while the other units have the Railgun Accelerator active. Adaptive armour was also useful if units had to pull out of a hot spot, as it allowed them better survival chances.



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