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Advanced Tactical Submarine
Proving Grounds
The Advanced Tactical Submarine fires a nuclear torpedo instead of the usual weapons.

Russia (Red Alert)


Attack naval ships using nuclear torpedoes

The Advanced Tactical Submarine was a naval technology by the Soviet Union for naval attacks with nuclear torpedoes instead of the normal torpedoes at Allied ships during the Great World War II.


When Hitler was erased in 1924 by Einstein, the Soviet Union became more powerful. As a superpower, they brought out a Missile Sub to experimental terms and also, a Submarine. Joseph Stalin and Gradenko declared that the Submarines should work in their own "tests" before war begins against Europe. A Submarine Pen was the perfect place for them. One Submarine, they should get was an Advanced Tactical Submarine. This Submarine can fire torpedoes normally, but one problem is to fire nuclear ones at Allied shipping when the Subs are out at sea.

During the War

In 1946 during Counterstrike, the Soviets brought out the ATS to attack the Allied Navy. When the Allies led by General Carville and his European military consultants learned about this, they sent ground forces and a number of Cruisers to destroy a primary facility that was drawing them out. Stalin sent S7 to deal with the threat as he sent a few submarines to destroy the Cruisers and ground forces to battle the Allies and destroy their base. The Advanced Tactical Submarine only appears in that mission.

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