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For the Tiberian Dawn version, see Advanced guard tower (Tiberian Dawn).
Advanced guard tower



Base defense and stealth detection


1 top-mounted missile weapon; 4 corner-mounted machine guns


Fully automated, controlled by a standard Master Control Terminal

Renegade Advanced Guard Tower Icons

The Advanced Guard Tower is the closest GDI equivalent to the Nod Obelisk of Light. Near the vertical center, a thin platform-like structure protrudes and goes all around the tower. This mounts 4 high-power anti-personnel machine guns, one slung under each corner; atop the tower itself is the main anti-vehicle rocket launcher.


In Command & Conquer: Renegade, the AGT is the base defense structure for GDI multiplayer bases. Unlike its original RTS appearance it is also equipped with machine guns, making it deadly against entire infantry divisions.

CNC1 GDI Emblem Global Defense Initiative Renegade Arsenal CNC1 GDI Emblem

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