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Gen1 Raptor Icons
Generals Comanche
Generals Stealth Fighter
Gen1 Aurora Icons

Air Superiority is a tactic that has been in use for a long time, as airstrikes are more difficult to track and stop than traditional ground attacks.


In the war against the GLA, the United States boasted the most diverse and powerful aircraft to date.

War Against the GLA

  • The Raptor was an all purpose fighter jet.
  • The Aurora was a high speed bomber.
  • The Stealth Fighter was difficult to spot on radar, making it ideal for surprise bombings, and could be upgraded with Bunker Busters to clear out garrisoned buildings.
  • For helicopters, the US employed the Comanche for its fighting roles
  • The Chinook to move resources and troops.

Zero Hour

  • Later in the war, they employed the Spectre Gunship which proved to be formidable when assaulting enemy tank divisions and bases.

General Division

Generals King Raptor
Generals Aurora Alpha


China had their own airforce. Although not quite as large as the USA's, it has capabilities to match them.

War Against the GLA

Generals MiG

Her air superiority aircraft consisted of the MiG, a multi-role fighter that was armed with two napalm missiles.

Zero Hour

Generals Helix
  • China also deployed the Helix, a strong versatile helicopter that could be used to transport infantry and vehicles. It could also be used on the offensive, as it was armed with a small cannon by default and could be upgraded with a Gatling Cannon, a Speaker Tower, or a Bunker.

General Division

Generals Assault Helix
  • General Tsing Shi Tao could upgrade his MiGs with tactical nuclear bombs instead. MIGs could also be upgraded with heavy armor, which improves its chances against anti-air fire, without affecting its speed.
  • General "Anvil" Shin Fai used a new version of a Helix called the Assault Helix to transport infantry. They were automatically equipped with a high-capacity Bunker, though they could not be upgraded with a Speaker Tower or Gatling Cannon.


C-130E Hercules

War Against the GLA

The GLA only uses transport aircraft like the US C-130 Hercules because they lacked the military organization and infrastructure to produce attack aircraft and helicopters.

Zero Hour

The C-130s appeared in a few GLA missions in Zero Hour, taken by a GLA commander like Mohmar's getaway and stealing Toxins on the US west coast.

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