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Akula submarine
  • When surface
  • When submerged



Anti-Armor/ Anti-Ship Submarine

  • RU-7 Morena Lightweight Torpedo Tube (x2)
  • RU-20 Shkval Supercavitating Torpedo Tube (x2)

High-Stress Titanium Alloy Inner Hull



Armour type




Build time


Produced by

Naval Yard


Super Reactor



Akula Sub ready for the deep.
- Akula
RA3 Akula Submarine Icons

The Akula (meaning "shark" in Russian) was a class of Soviet submarine in service during The War of the Three Powers. The Akula is armed exclusively with torpedoes and specializes in anti-ship operations. These torpedoes are an improvement over early designs as they have a sophisticated tracking system to ensure a hit on enemy vessels.


Recent years have seen the Soviet Union pursuing an aggressive policy towards all perceived threats to its waterways, including the sinking of numerous civilian cargo ships and passenger liners. Emblematic of this attitude is the Akula- class Attack Sub, a stealthy and deadly undersea killer that is often held up as a symbol of Soviet aggression. For all of its notoriety, however, details about the Akula were largely a mystery until an Allied convoy in the Mediterranean found an abandoned Akula sub wreckage.

After being transported to the nearest Allied naval base the engineers stationed there, along with the repair drones the sub was reconstructed based on photographs and crude blueprints found on the field. Through this many details about the Akula sub were discovered.

Based on the highly efficient tesla reactors found on board that are presumed to run on the sea-water, it is believed that the submarine is meant to run for many months and even to many years at a time. Due to the unimaginably long periods of time sailors have to stay at sea the Akula's crew quarters are of relatively high standards with the rear having a glass panoramic roof.

Based on the size and shape of the firing chamber and loader found on the sub the Akula seems to fire the powerful RU-7 torpedo, feared on the field for it's immense power and rapid chambering time, the torpedo is more than enough to rip through the incredibly heavy armour of the Allied assault destroyer. Despite this Soviet engineers felt the requirement to equip the Akula sub with the incredibly destructive RU-20 torpedo. This torpedo is capable of leveling many structures found in the ocean, and even if it fails to level a structure the immediate fire of the RU-7 torpedoes surely will. Despite the power the RU-20 does take a long time to re-arm after use.

Intercepted radio transmissions from the Akula have sprinkled some light on life inside the sub, along with the captured vessel have also given a glimpse of life. It seems that the quarters are of high standard with crew easily being able to survive for the required periods of time, the captains are chosen from high ranks with disciplinary experience to ensure the crew work at maximum efficiency. Food seems to be stored on the ship and enough is presumed to be stored to last at least 10 months before needing to be restocked. The deck contains state of the art sonar and radar that can detect enemies from a large distance and other than cramped quarters the deck is suitable for combat operations.



The Akula when underwater

The Akula is actually rather advanced despite its rugged appearance, it's two turbines are thought to run on two 0 emission tesla reactors. This new design is much more advanced than its predecessor: the Typhoon Attack Submarine. There are 2 torpedo tubes protruding out the front, from which both normal torpedoes and ultra-torpedoes are fired. Normal torpedoes are fired one at a time in short sequence while both ultra-torpedoes are fired at the same time. The conning tower of the Akula sub is a new, more streamlined design when compared to the Typhoon. The Akula also features rather heavy armor, making it one of the best-protected vessels in the Soviet Navy, second only to the Dreadnought. To produce the Akula submarine, Soviet Commanders must have already built both a Naval yard and a Super Reactor. The Akula must surface to fire its normal torpedoes, which are more accurate and faster than the older Typhoon's, but otherwise stays submerged, even when under attack. It costs $1800 to produce at the Naval Yard and is thus somewhat expensive.


Despite the expensive cost of building an Akula Sub, its naval existence and purpose will be well paid off, with its additional weapon: the Ultra-Torpedoes- the Akula Sub's special, yet dreaded naval weapon. These are fast-accelerating torpedoes that lack guidance systems but pack extremely powerful explosives. They can only move in a straight line and will keep on moving until they hit land, a structure, or a unit (be it friend or foe). The recharge time for the ultra-torpedoes is considerable and this ability should be used strategically. They are highly effective against structures and slow-moving units such as Aircraft Carriers. One tactic used by Soviet commanders, is to fire one salvo of regular torpedoes, and since the submarine lines up with the target, the ultra-torpedoes are much more accurate when they are fired.

Alternatively, if the enemy has no submarine defense, the ultra-torpedoes can be used in a sort of building sniper maneuver, by placing the Akula in "hold fire" mode (thus preventing it from automatically surfacing) and then launching the ultra-torpedoes at a high-value target. Since the Akula does not need to surface in order to fire the ultra-torpedoes, this is extremely effective at killing off outlying power plants, or even better, base defenses, without fear of retaliation. The ultra-torpedoes also have incredible range (technically infinite, as long as they don't hit anything), so if the player's aim is good enough, they can do this far enough away from the target as to be even outside of his enemy's sight, leaving them short a power plant and clueless as to what killed it. In serious competitive play, this has a very big psychological impact on most opponents.

Deployment History

Send them to the abyss!
- Akula

Since most of the fighting in Europe occurred on land in the early stages of the war, the Allied forces did not encounter any of these Akulas during their counterattack except in The Shark and the Lure where a couple defended 4 dreadnoughts from tanya. However the Akulas fought alongside the Allied Navy when the Empire of the Rising Sun attacked Gibraltar and the North Sea. After the Empire surrendered, the Akulas were used against the Allies in Havana and finally: Leningrad. In the non-canonical Soviet campaign Akulas were first deployed by the Soviet Commander in Geneva, after the Allies used the Chronosphere to matter- transport several Aircraft Carriers and Assault Destroyers into Lake Geneva, making the naval threat higher than expected. From thereon, the Red Navy's new attack submarine have played notable yet significant roles during the war: from ensuring the Soviets in capturing the Allies Science Research Facility in Mykonos, Greece, the destruction of the Allies' Von Esling Airbase, the destruction of the Imperial Navy protecting Emperor Yoshiro, up to the whirlwind- like events that occurred between the Allies and some soviet Forces loyal to Premier Cherdenko in Easter Island, and the battle for New York, significantly countering Allied naval power. They are the primary anti- armor and anti-ship vessel of the Soviet Navy possessing good armor and excellent firepower against ships (and only ships)- and naval structures as well.

In some Uprising missions- In the Soviet Campaign, these subs were used to destroy Allied Seaports defending the Future Tech Research Facilities in Murmansk, Russia; and at Yucatan, Mexico. These subs were also deployed to intercept and destroy both Allied Naval Units, and its respective Seaports scattered around Sigma Island: the site of Future Tech's Sigma Harmonizer Experimental Hyperweapon. In the Imperial Campaign, near- massive numbers of the Akula Sub, were deployed to assist Soviet Commander Oleg Vodnik's forces in capturing Sakhalin Island- the site of the Empire of the Rising Sun's National Defense HQ. However, these were all destroyed by Imperial Tech Commander Kenji Tenzai, and the Imperial Commander- who captured an undefended Soviet VIP Bunker, granting the Empire temporary access to these sea monsters. Later on, the Akulas were lastly deployed at Vladivostok, defending both the bases of Soviet Commanders Oleg Vodnik and Nikolai Moskvin- but perished in the hands of the Empire's new weapon- the Giga Fortresses.


RA3 Ultratorpedoes Icons
Ultra-Torpedoes The Akula Attack Submarine has 2 auxiliary launch tubes armed with Ultra-Torpedoes. These dumb-fired torpedoes (they won't track targets) are armed with very high explosive warheads and will thus cause a lot more damage than ordinary torpedoes. It will take a while to reload these.


The Akula Submarine is more capable of dispatching naval enemies than the Allied assault destroyer on a one-on-one basis, and is capable of defeating a Naginata cruiser if it uses its Ultra-torpedoes, though one must be wary of the Naginata Cruiser's more powerful version of the Ultra-torpedoes: the Type-S Torpedoes. It is only capable of attacking naval vessels and is somewhat more vulnerable to large numbers of enemies than the Naginata, which has the Type-S Torpedo special attack and a higher rate of fire. All Akula Subs must surface to fire and the time it takes to surface also results in a significant pre-attack delay. Aside from being scout units- they are excellent killers of important ships. While submerged, they are invulnerable to most weapons (launched from base defenses or vehicles)- except advanced base defenses, torpedoes, the Allies Assault Destroyer's main gun, and rogue Soviet Terror Drones. As with the Naginata's Type-S, care must be taken when using the ultra-torpedoes, lest they incur friendly fire. The Akula is best used in 'wolf-packs' of up to 6 submarines; they work exceptionally well as an escort to the Dreadnought.

Notes from the Field

Battlefield reconnaissance has revealed at least these facts about the Akula Sub:

  • Dive Akula! Dive! -- Akula Subs spend most of their time submerged, needing to surface only to launch their RU-7 torpedoes. Since most surface and air units are unable to target submerged vehicles, Akulas are able to travel most waters with impunity. They excel at escorting more vulnerable ships, such as the Dreadnought, as well as carrying out hit and run operations against enemy naval bases.
  • Silent Killer, Heavy Hitter of the Sea -- The RU-20 Supercavitating torpedoes are extremely powerful, but they carry no internal guidance. This allows them to be fired underwater; but they cannot track targets, travelling instead in a straight line- continuously until it reaches its intended target or it hits anything that comes in its path. However: they also lack the ability to distinguish friend from foe, and more than one Soviet ship has been sunk because it accidentally crossed in front of one of these devastating weapons.
  • Stand-Off Capability -- Enemies of the Soviet Union have begun fielding defensive structures that can target and destroy even submerged Akula subs. The RU-20's extreme long range and destructive power makes it the weapon of choice for the discerning commander to take out these defenses.
  • High Tech -- Their titanium alloy hull make Akulas very expensive, and the Soviet Admiralty dole them out sparingly to field commanders. In addition, they require a Super Reactor to charge their advanced batteries. This means that Akulas are usually only found in the most intense combat zones.



  • Invulnerable to most attacks while submerged
  • Heavy firepower
  • Good armour and survivability
  • Can attack submerged units
  • RU-7 torpedoes possess more firepower than Naginata's Type X torpedoes and Assault Destroyer's gun
  • Immensely powerful in large numbers, especially when using Ultra-torpedoes
  • Ultra-Torpedoes can destroy most naval units and structures in one hit
  • Ultra-Torpedoes can be launched while the Akula is submerged
  • Ultra-Torpedoes are less likely to cause friendly fire than the Naginata Cruiser's Super Torpedo Type S
  • Excellent ship killer; a true rival to Naginata Cruiser and better than Assault destroyer


  • Requires a Super Reactor (Tier 2)
  • Defenseless against aircraft while attacking
  • Ultra-torpedoes will harm allies if used carelessly
  • Akula Subs must be in line with the target to effectively destroy its targets with its ultra-torpedoes
  • Can be targeted by advanced base defenses, and advanced anti-ship even when submerged
  • Expensive ($1800)
  • Can only attack naval units
  • Must surface to fire
  • Surfacing causes a delay between detecting and firing at an enemy target, allowing fast targets to escape with minimal or no damage
  • Akula must stop in order to launch its Ultra-Torpedoes



  • Akula Sub, ready for the deep!
  • Akula Sub, on the hunt!


  • Akula!
  • What? What is it?
  • Do you see something?
  • We lurk the seas!
  • We've come this far!
  • So much pressure!
  • What's that dripping sound?!
  • Shhh! Quiet!
  • Are the scanners working?!
  • Do you hear that noise?


  • Yes, I was going there!
  • Staying deep!
  • Full ahead!
  • Push forward!
  • Further out!
  • We must scour these depths!
  • Men, new coordinates!


  • Fire!
  • Torpedoes!
  • Sink them NOW!
  • Empty the tubes!
  • Bring them down!
  • NOW!
  • Take them, take them!

Move to Attack

  • We're going after them!
  • Don't let him out of our sight!
  • Send them to the abyss!
  • Sonar locked!
  • Closing in!
  • After them!
  • Pursue them!

In combat

  • They're still out there!
  • Stay on them, crew!
  • Make this one count!
  • Curse them!
  • Come on! Come on!
  • We need another one!


  • That's it! We're going back!
  • They're on our trail!
  • Maybe we can lose them!
  • We'll need some patching up!

Under fire

  • I know! I know!
  • We've been hit haven't we?!
  • We can't take much more of this!
  • Patch up that leak!
  • Mayday! Mayday!



  • "Akula (Акула)" means "Shark" in Russian, coincidentally, real-life Russian "Akula-Class" Submarine is codenamed "Typhoon-Class" by NATO, sharing same name of Typhoon attack submarine in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.
  • The Akula sub is possibly based on the real-life 971 Shchuka-B submarine, NATO designation Akula.
  • Like other submarines in the game, the Akula needs to surface before firing even when firing at submerged units. This is likely due to balancing reasons.
  • Ultra-torpedoes can reach the other side of the map unlike the Naginata's special ability. This can be very useful in all-water maps like "Trench Warfare" in which Akulas can stay at the base and fire ultra-torpedoes repeatedly at the enemy's location.
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