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Albanian Arms Depot







Under Nod military
Supply Depot


Brotherhood of Nod

Appears in

Tiberium Wars


Albania (GDI mission)

The Albanian Arms Depot was the target for GDI forces in an attempt to reduce Nod's military power in Eastern Europe. GDI planned an attack on the facility as Nod resist them off in overwhelming the victors not reaching Sarajevo and Temple Prime.


The Depot's Destruction

GDI moved their forces foward and attacked Nod soldiers at a bridge. Kane mustn't let GDI cross the bridge, but suddenly did. The attackers then took out barrels to blow up the vehicles, capture Tech buildings like the Reinforcement Bay and used many Firehawks to destroy the rest of the depot. The Nod defenders were extremely vanquished from Albania after the strong backlash from GDI's taskforce and invasion of Croatia which leads to a huge GDI operation at Temple Prime.

The Siege of Temple Prime now begins...

Nod's Force Composition

As Kane's Nuclear Missile is to be launched at GDI, the large base was surrounded by defenses like Laser and Shredder Turrets to destroy GDI's infantry and vehicles with SAM Turrets in purposing all Firehawks that planned the attack on the depot. Excluding the Nuclear Missile, a large number of Nod vehicles was found definitely inside the garrisoned compound. The total vehicle numbers are:

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