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Alien warship
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The alien warship is a mysterious ship that was stored in a Nod hanger accessible from the Sarajevo temple at the end of the First Tiberium War.


The ship was easily as large as a GDI carrier of the 2030s.[1] It is described as an alien ship by Kane and GDI scouts remarked that they didn't think humans built it.



The exact origins of the ship are unknown. It was either a prototype ship created by the Brotherhood of Nod using alien/Tacitus blueprints or a crashed Scrin ship extensively rebuilt by the Brotherhood but not actually created from scratch.

According to some former Westwood employees, the ship was a Nod design based off Scrin/Tacitus data. It was an attempt to mimic Scrin technology.[2]

Kane refers to it as being constructed during the First Tiberium War but he also describes it as an alien warship and the GDI scouts investigating its interior didn't think that humans had built it. Additionally were it simply created by Nod, then one would expect General Vega to actually have been able to control it and Nod were also unable to estimate the amount of explosives necessary to obliterate the ship when it fell into GDI hands. 

Nod's apparent inability to employ similar designs to the warship that were based upon Scrin technology in the First Tiberium War, similar to the later Banshee employed in the Second Tiberium War indicate the Nod simply lacked the required technology and industrial ability to create a functional Scrin ship from scratch at the time. However it is clearly described as having been constructed rather than repaired or reconstructed, indicating that it was actually built.

Combining this with the statements by the former employees, one can conclude that they may well have jury-rigged the ship from artifacts acquired from multiple sites in order to secretly assemble a functional Scrin warship based on the designs from Tacitus. This explanation would explain how the ship is truly alien in origin, yet also constructed by the Brotherhood of Nod; it was assembled but from components they had not created.


The ship was in Nod hands at the end of the First Tiberium War. It was stored in an underground hangar near the Sarajevo Temple of Nod and abandoned when the GDI overran the area.[3] GDI examination of the Sarajevo site but did not discover the hangar. Excavations in progress during the early stages of the Second Tiberium War brought GDI uncomfortably close to discovering the ship.[4]

Recovery and Crash

Kane ordered Commander Anton Slavik and General Vega to secure the old Temple[4] and recover the ship before the GDI's investigations bore fruit.[3]

General Vega reached the ship first and; rather than returning it to Kane tried to fly it to South America to "settle an old score". However, Vega was unable to control the ship and crashed it in GDI's Sector 9 in the southern United States.[3] Umagon, a Forgotten, and GDI scouts discovered the ship.[1] GDI was initially aware of the mutant's presence and discovered the ship booby-trapped as part of a failed attempt to demolish the ship with buried C4 charges.[5] GDI Commander Michael McNeil moved quickly to secure the crash site.[1] Nod forces attacked in a bid to destroy the ship but were held off by McNeil. Umagon revealed herself after Nod was routed.[5] Nod had recovered technology from the ship prior to losing control and stored it at the nearby technology center.

The Nod search for the Tacitus

The ship stored the Tacitus when it was abandoned at the end of the First Tiberium War. Consequently when General Vega crashed the ship in the southern United States, Kane tasked Commander Slavik to recover the Tacitus before it could be removed from the ship by either Vega's forces or the GDI.  The Tacitus was not found and  the Nod search party that regained control of the ship was then ambushed and killed by Umagon and other Forgotten.[6]

In reality the Forgotten had removed the Tacitus from the ship before General Vega had tried to fly it to South America. But ironically the search for the escaped Umagon after her capture led Nod to the Forgotten base where the Tacitus was actually held.


The ship was finally destroyed by GDI forces after Nod briefly regained control of the ship as part of their search for the Tacitus. What advances were in the end made based upon its technology is unknown.

Behind the Scenes

The ship is named "Scrin Ship" in the Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun data files. The name can also be seen by holding the cursor over the ship for a short while to see its name, the same as with any other structure or unit.

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