All Guns Blazing
Unit Unlocked

Wave-Force tower


1 vs 1


Reap What You Sow


Show of Force

All Guns Blazing is a Commander's Challenge mission before the Futuretech Commander gets into another civil war between Kenji and Shinzo. Takara Sato, who did send her friend Yuriko to the Commander back four missions previously, invites him for another trap. Takara would like to tell him that some defenses are well-protecting her garrison's front door. It's up to the Commander, who was asked by Kelly Weaver to take her base down and steal the tech, she has.

It's the twenty-sixth mission before Show of Force and after Reap What You Sow.


Following the capture of Yuriko Omega on a Floating Fortress by FutureTech, their boss sends the Futuretech Commander down to the Pacific Ocean to steal the Wave-Force tower from Takara and her potential three bases defending it. Most of the tri-cannons, she has will open fire on the Commander's land forces if they get too close to its range. The Commander zooms through the artillery blasts and defeats all three bases of Takara Sato. The next mission in the challenges is in Indonesia where both Kenji and Shinzo decide on who gets to be left alive by the force of Wave-Force artilleries.

It is also assumed that Takara's fortress could be the one behind Naomi's successful victory against both Giles Price and Tanya in an Assault on the Black Tortoise and a Rage of the Black Tortoise during a War of the Three Powers.

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