Used by all sides of the conflict throughout the ages, an ambush is part of the classic guerilla warfare tactics, involving drawing enemy forces into a location where previously concealed friendly forces have a clear shot at the enemy and can easily obliterate them.

Nod is particularly adept at using this tactic to their advantage.


Ambush em!
- TWIII Stealth Tank, CNC3

During the First Tiberium War the Nod created Stealth Tanks, with advanced light-bending camouflage technology, to sneak up on GDI positions. Also Nod Black Hand Stealth Troopers caused chaos everywhere in GDI bases or surprise attack its foes.


The 2047 era Stealth Tank is the perfect ambush weapon.

In the Second Tiberium War Nod used the Stealth Tank again as well as Flame tanks that can burrow underground. The Mobile Stealth Generator is also useful for ambushing or confusion.

During the Third Tiberium War Nod deployed Stealth Tanks once again, alongside with Specters and Vertigo stealth bombers that used similar technology to remain undetected. Nod even developed a portable cloaking unit for its elite Commandos, although Shadow Teams were adept at infiltrating bases without such gadgetry.

Also Nod has a cloaking power to stealthen units and the Black Hand does not do ambushing because they don't have any aircraft nor stealth weapons.

However, during the Third Tiberium War it is also important to note that GDI expanded its own potential for sneak attacks and strategic strikes by deploying orbital drop pods and in many cases answering requests for airborne reinforcements delivered via V-35 Ox transport giving commanders more versatility during missions.

Also sniper teams should be effective on ambushing troopers and even Shock Troopers and Enlightened will not survive their sniper rifles.

In the Fourth Tiberium War the Nod Crawlers sometimes ambush their enemies by popping out of the ground. The Brotherhood also deploy the newest Stealth Tank for more ambushing. Cyborg Commandos sometimes got cloaking devices to hide from their enemies.

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