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Ambushing in RA2 is used as a tactic. It is used to attack the enemies surprisingly. Ambushing units is invisible by general units, but some special units like attack dogs can detect them.


RA3 MirageTank1sm

The WWIII era Mirage Tank is an allies ambush weapon.

- Mirage Tank

Mirage tank can disguise as trees while not moving.

  • In GWWIII Einstein introduce this tank to disguise as a tree and ambush opponents.
  • In GWIIII Mirage Tanks loose their disguise and fires a powerful spectrum Cannon.
    • Mirage Tanks Special Ability covers several units nearby from enemy sight, uncovering itself.

Spy is an unarmed allies ambushing unit. They can steal enemy information, technology or even funds

  • In GWWII Spy is invisible in both radar map and enemy sight. They can be detected by attack dogs.
  • In GWWIII Spy can be disguised as an enemy infantry. They can be detected by attack dogs.
  • In GWWIIII Spy can be disguised as an enemy infantry. They can be detected by attack dogs and Soviet bears Their additional ability is to bribe enemy units around.


Sink them NOW!
- Akula readying for an ambush

In GWIII, All Submarine units such as Soviet Submarines and Giant Squid are invisible to the enemy until they sneak up and attack the enemy.

In GWWIIII, the new swimming Terror Drones were very effective at ambushing, due to the Terror Drone's speed. If a small group of Terror Drones could catch a armored column off guard, they could wreak havoc in seconds.

  • In GWWII the Submarine must surface to catch the Allied Navy off guard. But if the submarine approach its enemy ship too near, they will be seen.
  • In GWWIII the Typhoon Submarine always stay invisible until a Destroyer comes by.
  • In GWWIIII all subs are visible under the water while submerged, but do not appear on the radar map. Also, all Subs must surface to fire but the Akula can launch its special weapon, the ultratorpedos, without surfacing, making it an excellent base raider against naval-oriented opponents.


Boomers is the only Yuri's submarine unit. They cannot be grabbed by Soviet Giant Squids. The missiles it launched can attack enemy ground units.


Lets go wake them up!
- Sky Wing

The Imperial army is specialized in naval army. Yari subs and Sea Wing is their ambushing units which can hide under water while not attacking.

Also the Imperial Army got various ground ambushing units like the Shinobi or Transport. Shinobi can temporarily be invisible using his smoke bomb. Transport can be disguised as an enemy vehicle, but this does not work well with player vs. player battle.

The Imperial commander can use the ability to make 5 Tank buster pop out of the ground anywhere on the map. Tank busters can dive into the ground to avoid tank crushing.

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