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Recently recovered intel shows that the in the 3rd World War between the USSR, Allies and the Empire of the Rising Sun are also buildable over water, albeit with a higher cost of resources. That means a new definition of seabased warfare, some called it even a new era in Warfare. This has yet to be confirmed. Ingame mechanic show no visible additional cost for building to be established on water area. Construction limitation means building must be all land based or all water based as no building can incorporate both aspect simultaneously (cannot construct in the water line). For water based construction, it will be anchored pontoon for the Allies or a semi submersibles base for the Soviet or the Empire of the Rising Sun. All water base structure have boarding facilities for maintenance (also can be exploited for complete takeover or sabotage purpose).

All land unit production structures (the War Factories and Mecha Bay, Barracks, and Instant Dojo) cannot be constructed on water, even though all of the above can produce amphibious units (Riptide ACVs, Bullfrogs, etc.) because the other, non-amphibious units would be immediately lost. Airbases, Superweapons (such as the Particle Collider or Iron Curtain) Power Plants, Construction Yards and all other buildings except Walls can be built at sea, though Allied and Soviet structures are still dependent on "land-control" area around outposts and Construction Yards.

List of amphibious Buildings

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It is still debatable if Floating fortress is classified to this category.

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