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Amphibious Transport
  • Allied Amphibious Transport
  • Soviet Amphibious Transport
  • Yuri Amphibious Transport



Amphibious troop and vehicle transport



Tech level
  • 4 (Allied)
  • 2 (Soviet and Yuri)
Hit points


Armour type
  • Light (Allied)
  • Heavy (Soviet and Yuri)
Transport slots






Build time


Produced by

Allied Naval Shipyards
Soviet Naval Shipyard
Submarine Pen

Land speed


Sea speed


Sight range


Welcome aboard!
- Allied Amphibious Transport
RA2 Allied Amphibious Transport Icons
RA2 Soviet Amphibious Transport Icons
YR Hover Transport Icons

Amphibious transports are the basic land/sea infantry and vehicle carriers for all three sides of the Third World War and Psychic Dominator Disaster.

Game unit

I am not armed, you know!
- Soviet Amphibious Transport
Red Alert 2 Hover transport Quotes00:16

Red Alert 2 Hover transport Quotes

Red Alert 2 Soviet Amphibious transport quotes00:16

Red Alert 2 Soviet Amphibious transport quotes

Red Alert 2 Allied Amphibious transport quotes00:15

Red Alert 2 Allied Amphibious transport quotes

Amphibious transports were used by the Allies, Soviets and Yuri during Third World War and Psychic Dominator Disaster to move ground troops and vehicles across water. The Allied and Yuri's transports are visually identical, while the Soviet version has a different appearance; however, all three share the same function and statistics.

An amphibious transport has 12 "slots". Most infantry units take up one slot, Terror drones and Brutes occupy two, regular vehicles take up three, while Apocalypse tanks, Magnetrons, Battle Fortresses, Masterminds, and MCVs take up six.

Amphibious transports are very slow and lightly armored. They are particularly vulnerable to Harriers and Black Eagles, which can destroy them in two hits.


It is not known to operate after the events of the Psychic Dominator Disaster. After Cherdenko's trip to 1927, the Amphibious transports was replaced by Allied Riptide ACV and Soviet Bullfrog transport in the War of the Three Powers. The Empire of the Rising Sun used the Sudden Transport, which resembled the Amphibious Transport the most.

Selected Quotes


Welcome aboard
- When selected
Having a nice day?
- When selected
How about an adventure?
- When selected
Plenty of window seats
- When selected
See the countryside
- When selected
We're on our way
- When moving
Let's take the scenic route
- When moving
Wanna stop for a picture?
- When moving
What a view
- When moving
Enjoy the ride
- When moving


I'm not armed, you know
- When selected
Need a ride, anybody?
- When selected
Where do you need to go?
- When selected
Shuttle ready for passengers
- When selected
Let's take an excursion
- When selected
Don't get too close to combat
- When moving
Let's keep it safe
- When moving
Checking with map
- When moving
Planning course
- When moving


I am loyal to Yuri
- When selected
Turbines clear
- When selected
Conveyor for our Psychic Legions.
- When selected
Transport at your service
- When selected
Awaiting Yuri's thoughts
- When selected
I obey
- When moving
- When moving
Transport in motion
- When moving
Yuri commands me
- When moving
Your orders?
- When moving



  • Originally, their names were Landing Craft (for the Allies) and Armored Transport (for the Soviets), as seen in the game files. Allied and Soviet's choosing of large hovercraft for principal transport is not without reason.
  • All 3 types of Amphibious transports sink when destroyed by a Giant squid instead of blowing up normally.
  • Judging from earlier pictures and in-game mission loading screens, the Allied and Soviet Amphibious Transports in Red Alert 2 may have been intended to have each others' models (the Soviet transport was supposed to look like the Allied one, and vice versa). There are still traces of each sides remap in the final icon.
  • A modified stock Landing Craft model with pieces taken from a tanker model were used for the alpha icon for Allied Amphibious transports.
  • There is a bug when used in tandem with Battle Fortress. Put any combination of units inside Battle Fortress, then while it attacks the enemy, move it inside the transport. The units inside will keep on firing even if the Battle Fortress already entered the transport. If the transport moves, the units will keep on firing from the position the battle fortress entered the transport.
  • Although the icon for Yuri's transport appears to be a repossessed Soviet transport (which, in theory would make sense due to his former affiliation with the USSR), in-game his transport shares the model with the Allied transport, albeit with his faction's colour scheme.
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