Angry mob (Generals 1)
Generals Angry Mob
The common people fighting for liberation!



Support Infantry



Hit points

50 (each member)

Armour type




Build time


Produced by

GLA Barrack





Squad size

Up to 10.

Ground attack
  • 10 (Molotov Cocktail) (pistol)
  • 40 (Molotov Cocktail) (rock and molotov)
  • 20 (25 with AP Bullets) (Molotov Cocktail) (gun)
  • 250 (pistol and gun)
  • 500 (rock)


Attack range
  • 100 (pistol)
  • 100 (molotov) (minimum 12)
  • 120 (gun)
Sight range


Gen1 AP bullets Icons
AP Bullet
Gen1 Arm the Mob Icons
Arm the Mob

Regain full health after 30 seconds


Cannot be transported and enter Tunnel Networks.

Gen GameiconZH Gameicon
Gen GameiconZH Gameicon
Gen1 Angry Mob Icons

The angry mob is one of the most bizarre GLA infantry "units" in Generals.


GLA generals used such persuasive propaganda that they could seemingly incite an Angry Mob anywhere they had a base of operations (with a Palace). Often starting with a group of five, Angry Mobs could grow in size, up to 10. An Angry Mob was often an intimidating threat for an enemy commander, in particular if the GLA general concerned had purchased the Arm the Mob upgrade. Angry Mobs could bring ruin to enemy structures by lobbing Molotov cocktails and rocks and firing small arms weapons at them, and were a threat to vehicles too, especially tanks lacking in anti-infantry protection.


AK-47s for everyone! *crowd cheering*
- GLA officer handing out AK-47s
Gen1 AP bullets Icons AP Bullet Increases the attack damage of AK 47. (Not displayed as an 'upgrade icon') Purchasable at any Black Market for a cost of $2000.
Gen1 Arm the Mob Icons Arm the Mob Gives Angry Mob members AK-47s for greatly increased firepower. Often regarded as an essential upgrade. The Mob would retain the firebombs and rocks for attacking structures though. Purchasable at any Palace for a cost of $1000.



Angry Mobs are extremely powerful against infantry, vehicles and structures. They are more than capable of leveling even the mighty Overlord tank at an alarming rate if left unchecked. Mobs threw both molotovs and rocks and used pistols (AK-47s with the Arm the Mob upgrade) to destroy anything and everything in sight. With the Arm the Mob upgrade they can quickly cut down most ground units and structures, although they still suffer when faced with equal numbers of anti-infantry units. A Mob had the unique ability to heal itself even if it does not gain rank, as a mob will slowly grow in size from one to as many as ten if left alone.


Rangers with Flash bangs could disperse the mobs with relative ease. Angry Mobs were particularly vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons such as flames, toxins, snipers or Gatling guns, and had no protection against aircraft. Mobs are also slow along with most other kinds of infantry, making it easy to hit them with artillery such as Inferno Cannon or Nuke Cannon, they were also vulnerable to heavy base defenses such as Gatling Cannons and Laser Turrets. Angry Mobs are unable to garrison structures or enter vehicles. Attack Helicopters are recommended, as the Angry Mob cannot attack them.

Notable Apperances

In the third mission of the GLA campaign of the original Generals, the GLA managed to incite a large number of the civilian population of Astana City, Kazakhstan to riot, destroying and looting much of the city, the nearby airport being used by American forces, and a base used by the Chinese 'oppressors'.

Also, in the sixth Chinese mission, if the player advances his/her forces too far into the town, then angry mobs (in groups of about 8 "unit wise") will start flooding out of the nearby soccer stadium. The mobs can only be efficiently held back by the Gatling cannons at your base and by Dragon tanks.



  • Relatively cheap
  • Fast
  • A single unit consists of up to 10 people
  • Replenishes lost people quickly
  • Devastating in numbers
  • Effective against all ground targets
  • Can easily overwhelm most targets, even Overlord Tanks
  • Arm The Mob upgrade dramatically increases their destructive potential


  • Very fragile
  • Vulnerable to artillery
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry, especially flash-bangs, flames and toxins
  • Helpless against aircraft
  • Light vehicles like Rogue Technicals and Humvees can overrun them easily
  • Will not replenish lost people when heavily damaged
  • Cannot be healed in Barracks
  • Cannot be garrisoned or transported, including entering Tunnel Networks
  • A single member can die instantly by any weapon (e.g. Battlemaster tank cannon)
  • Cannot be stealthed (e.g Using a GPS Scrambler on a Angry Mob will be ineffective on them)

Selected Quotes

All of the Angry Mob's quotes consists of various hails, chants and cheers, probably in Arabic, except the following:

We are armed with AK-47s now! *crowd cheering*
- When Arm The Mob upgrade is completed
We have bigger guns! *crowd cheering*
- When Arm The Mob upgrade is completed
AK-47s for everyone! *crowd cheering*
- When Arm The Mob upgrade is completed



  • Gen1 Fire Bomb Icons

    Fire Bomb icon

    Fire Bomb was a planned ability for the Angry Mob, which would make it bombard an area with Molotov cocktails. It wasn't used in the final game, most likely because they already throw Molotov cocktails when attacking.
  • In the cameo, the member in the middle seems to be wielding an Uzi, not true to the fact that the in-game "unit" wields handgun-shaped firearms. This may have been a design flaw.
  • One member of the mob will often randomly die when the mob is ordered to move a long distance.
  • If one listens closely, a Rebel's voice can be heard among the crowds, suggesting that they were the ones responsible for inciting the riot.
  • The Angry Mob may have inspired the squad-based unit control of Tiberium Wars.
  • If different infantry(including those from China and USA) are selected with the mob and a member of the mob dies and gets replaced, one can hear the former's voices/quotes.
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