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Angstrom Defense
RA3 ApolloFighter
The product of Angstrom Defense- the F-11X Apollo Fighter



F-11X Apollo Fighter





Angstrom Defense is a Swedish company whose products appear in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Deployment History

The F-11X Apollo Fighter was widely used by former RAF pliot, Giles Price. Ackerman used a Cryocopter and three of these to prevent his car from being attacked by the Allied Commander (Red Alert 3) and Warren Fuller. Cryocopters and a few Apollos were spotted in Leningrad, but awfully got shot down by Soviet anti-air such as the Flak Cannon (Red Alert 3), which they said transmissions when going to crash to the ground.


Companies of the Command & Conquer Universes

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