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Apocalypse tank
  • Apocalypse tank in cannon mode
  • Apocalypse tank in harpoon mode



Heavy assault tank


2x 125mm Drakon cannon
"Shchuka" magnetic harpoon
"Myasorubka" Chain Treads


16-layer reinforced steel armor



Hit points

3000 (Very High)





Build time


Produced by

Soviet War Factory


Battle Lab

Ground attack




Attack range

Short (Cannons), Melee (Crushing/Grinders)

Sight range



Magnetic Harpoon (Toggle)

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RA3 GameiconUpr gameicon
Armageddon is here!
- Apocalypse Tanks
RA3 Apocalypse Tank Icons

The Apocalypse tank is the USSR's heaviest land hitter in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Like it's counterpart , it was designed to go toe-to-toe with any armored foe and emerge as the victor. It is one of the Soviet Union's most feared units.


You now have access to Apocalypse Tanks, the toughest armor in the world.
- Soviet Advisor

While lacking the anti-air weapons and 'still' possessing the horrendously low speed of the previous generation of the Apocalypse tanks, this new successor appear and functions to be as fearsome as it was before. The chain-like Myasorubka (Meat Grinder) cutting treads built underneath the tank, gives it greater traction for its massive weight, and can be combined with a new (yet deadly) feature: the Shchuka Magnetic Harpoon, a product of Soviet research into the military applications of magnetism.

Smaller to medium- sized vehicles caught by the Shchuka (Pike) Magnetic Harpoon, are dragged underneath the cutting treads, destroying them completely. In addition, the harpoon can be used to drag the Apocalypse towards an anchored structure OR to any vehicle/battle walker bigger the tank itself, increasing its notoriously low speed. The drawback however: the harpoon is extremely energy hungry; thus requiring the tank to power down the main guns while the M- harpoon is activated. Vehicles may still fire (perhaps futilely) at the Apocalypse while being dragged helplessly towards the tank's grinder treads. Even without the M-Harpoon, the Apocalypse Tank is still capable of crushing smaller vehicles by simply rolling over them- like most infantry.

The Apocalypse Tank has 16 layers of heavy armour, and extremely powerful twin 125mm Drakon HEAT cannons. The original designers of the Apocalypse: the Archangelsk Tank Plant, assures the Soviet public that the name Apocalypse refers to the tank's purported ability to survive anything. As one may imagine, they are very expensive to construct and require significant technical skill. The tank also features a Tesla reactor that eliminates 70% of emissions, but despite that drastic change, they still emit a lot of exhaust smoke. The turret also tends to wobble a little as the Apocalypse rumbles along, which significantly inhibits firing accuracy while it moves through. Soviet tamper with time stream backlashed by disabling them from nuclear technology, this affected the Apocalypse Tank's design as well, as they no longer possess nuclear engines, making the tank slower, noisier, and bulkier.

The Apocalypse tank is not amphibious, given its huge weight and a better anti armour platform, it has all been rivaled by the Empire's King Oni along with the newer Steel Ronin battle walkers, as well as the Allies' Assault Destroyer amphibious battleships, and its massive Future Tank X-1, none of them ever achieved the status of defeating the Apocalypse Tank one on one fight.

Also, if and when an Apocalypse is promoted to Heroic level, instead of utilizing conventional cannon rounds; these improved rounds- detonates like a high yield explosive with a mushroom cloud-like explosion, more than double the size of its explosive yield on contact- could instantly kill any infantry; effectively removing one if its few vulnerabilities. The cannons also increase to a speed in which they alternate with almost no pause, making them incredibly effective land monstrosities against enemies of the Soviet Union.

According to additional information, the Apocalypse Tank at which point it truly became an icon not only in the Soviet Union's military arsenal- but all over the world.

All Apocalypse Tanks are built only at the War Factory with a Battle Lab in place.


RA3 Main Cannons Icons
Main Cannons The Apocalypse Tank uses its twin 125mm cannons to engage enemy units.
RA3 Magnetic Harpoon Icons
Magnetic Harpoon The Apocalypse Tank has been armed with a Magnetic Harpoon. This weapon will lock onto an enemy vehicle and pull it towards the Apocalypse Tank's grinders. It can also be used on buildings, but instead of pulling the building apart, it will pull itself towards the building and rip it apart, brick by brick.

If used against naval vehicular units, its magnetic harpoon will drag them ashore thus destroying these units instantaneously- unless it is amphibious. 

Tactics and Counters

The Instrument of Doom.
- Apocalypse

The latest Apocalypse Tank does not have a great defense against most aircraft and infantry - the worst of which is that the Tank can be easily bribed to join the Allies for a fee of $1000. Anti- armor and anti- heavy units like Tankbusters, Javelin Soldiers, Hydrofoil's Weapon Jammers, Steel Ronin, Wave-force artilleries, Vindicators, Harbinger Gunships, Giga Fortresses, Yuriko, Spectrum Towers, and Future Tank X-1s were additional reasons why Apocalypse Tanks require support.

If they are under attack from naval units, the Apocalypse Tanks can't do much other than to run away inland- where they can't be shot at. Their M-Harpoons are effective only on ground vehicles and structures. However, for any enemy ships that are closer to the shoreline, the Apocalypse tank can utilize its special ability because non-amphibious units in the water which are reeled in by the M-Harpoons are dragged towards the shore and destroyed.

Deployment History

So, you managed to destroy the Iron Curtain? No matter. My Apocalypse Tanks will grind you to dust, with or without it!
- Oleg

Oleg Vodnik was the Soviet Tank General who widely used these ground behemoths, as seen in the Allied mission- The Famous Liberation. However, all were either bribed or destroyed by Commander Lissette Hanley and the Allied Commander. On a scouting mission called The Great Bear Trap, Allied Squadron Commander Giles Price, along with the Allied Commander; disguised a Mirage tank as one of these behemoths- however the trick didn't fool the Soviets for long. This made little difference, since many the of Soviet units in the area were bribed by the Allied spies, including a pair of real Apocalypse Tanks. When the Allies invaded Leningrad in the last days of WWIII to capture Soviet Premier Cherdenko and General Krukov for their crimes against humanity, the Apocalypses were called to battle once more to stop the rallying Allies through its Mirage Tank divisions. In the end, all were either bribed or destroyed by the Allies.

WWIII Operational History:

With a nickname like "Apocalypse", the Soviet Union's superheavy battle tank has certain expectations to live up to. And, unfortunately for the Union's enemies, it does. This monstrosity of a machine, while clearly slower and less manoeuvrable than the typical modern tank, overcompensates for any of its limitations with two extremely powerful main guns, each one markedly stronger than the main gun on a lesser tank. Even amid all the calamities of war, the choking black smoke and piercing shriek of grinding metal emanating from an Apocalypse Tank is the stuff of nightmares for combat veterans--including Soviets, who seem to fear the Apocalypse Tank as much as anyone.

On the whole, the Soviet Union is extremely proud of the Apocalypse, which is widely featured in military multimedia propaganda, military recruitment mailings, motivational posters found in businesses and classrooms, and more. While a cadre of schoolmasters denounced the naming of the vehicle as an act of fear-mongering, the Soviet government quickly quelled these concerns by insisting that the name was intended to give hope to the people -- here is a tank that can withstand anything, they proudly said. The schoolmasters held fast, claiming that the name betrayed evidence of the Union's dissolution into an agenda of mutually-assured destruction with the Allies. They remain incarcerated.

The Apocalypse Tank even became popularised in a morning cartoon show and toy line ("They Are Not Allies"), at which point it truly became an icon not in the Soviet Union's military arsenal, and all over the world. Such mainstream success is impossible to anticipate completely. However, the plant responsible for it, Arkhangelsk Tank Plant (ATP), boldly promised the Soviet regime that the Apocalypse would revolutionise modern vehicle warfare by trivialising other, lesser tanks. This proved to be quite true. While the Apocalypse Tank is very expensive to produce for all its Soviet excesses whether on the field or in rear factories, it is virtually unstoppable on the ground.

The Apocalypse is such a massive vehicle that ATP engineers installed a second set of cutting treads into its massive hull, enabling it to simply roll over just about anything that survives long enough to get in its way. To further offset the tank's relatively slow speed is a now-standard magnetic harpoon secondary weapon, one of the first practical military tools based on the Union's continuing research into magnetism. Essentially this works like an industrial-strength grapple that can be used, for example, to tow fast-moving enemy vehicles in closer for the kill -- straight into its "meat grinder" chain-treads, which can carve through metal much like their namesake.

For all the fervour, fear, and excitement caused by the Apocalypse Tank, it is to be expected that the design would draw some disdain. Outspoken critics and foreign protesters of Arkhangelsk's most famous work (with respect to the far more common Hammer Tank) point to its horrendous top speed, as well as its complete lack of anti-aircraft defences, as evidence of sheer hubris on the part of the Apocalypse Tank's manufacturers. ATP, in turn, openly brushed aside these claims as "idiocy", announcing simultaneously that the Apocalypse Tank would go into mass production that same year. At any rate, because of this tank's notoriety, the identities of Apocalypse Tank crews are kept secret by the Soviet Union. It is difficult to imagine what sort of person would be fit to operate such a weapon, let alone what the experience of this would do to that person.

Tactical Analysis:

  • Unstoppable: The Apocalypse Tank can simply roll over anything that survives its main guns. Main battle tanks, let alone smaller vehicles, can easily be crushed under the Apocalypse tank's treads.
  • The sinister M-Harpoon: The Apocalypse can effectively spear and reel in other vehicles using the M-harpoon, or even drag itself toward structures. However, the magnet requires an extreme amount of energy, so the tank's main guns are rendered inoperable while the M-harpoon is active.
  • Built to Destroy...Tanks: While the Apocalypse Tank has nothing to fear from lesser vehicles, its crew's limited visibility combined with its armour-piercing ammunition means it is less effective against very small targets, namely infantry. Commanders also admit that the Apocalypse requires anti-air support.
  • Worth its weight in ore: The Apocalypse Tank and its two main guns and 16-layer armour don't come cheap. On top of that, authorisation to deploy these vehicles in the field can only be granted by ranking members of the Soviet general staff itself.

RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

The Apocalypse tank was first granted to be used by the Soviet Commander during the mission- "To Tame a Living God" in assisting the assassination of Emperor Yoshiro. From then on the tank was available in the rest of the Soviet missions, including the Soviet Union's 'Blight on the Big Apple'.

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun campaign for Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

In Mission To Conquer Shattered Spirits the tank was used to stop the imperials from protecting a convoy from being delivered down a river and in Crumble Kremlin Crumble, General Krukov sent these tanks to eliminate the Empire's Shogun Executioner super battle walker, but they all succumbed to the robot's katanas, implicating that the Apocalypse tank wasn't the toughest armor in the world and were no longer the best anti- armor platform. Also, two Sudden Transports disguised as the tank approached and released the Imperial Warriors to attack the Conscripts, but one of them got zapped by a Tesla Coil. After capturing unguarded Soviet VIP Bunkers in the vicinity, the Imperial Commander was able to build these Soviet Monsters in an attempt to eliminate the Soviet leaders and put Moscow and Kremlin in ruins- and the Imperials succeded in doing so. In The Last Red Blossom Trembled, these monstrosities were summoned by former Soviet Chief Scientist Gregor Zelinsky, and were the last remains of the Soviet Army to help the Allies subdue the rallying Imperials- but all were annihilated by the Imperial Elite Force consisting of Mecha Tengus, Rocket Angels and King Oni battle walkers.

The Uprising

In the Imperial Uprising Campaign, the Imperial Commander captured an unguarded Soviet VIP Bunker, which grant him access to the Soviet War Machine- including these behemoths. They were used to help Commander Kenji Tenzai fend off Soviet General Oleg Vodnik from capturing Sakhalin Island. The Imperial Commander manages also to capture a Soviet base to act as their stand-off point, and used these land behemoths to eliminate both Soviet General Oleg Vodnik and Soviet Warlord Nikolai Moskvin, as well as to recapture the Russian Port City of Vladivostok- part as a punishment for invading Sakhalin and Oki Island in Japan, and were victorious with the help of the Empire's new Giga- Fortresses.

In the Soviet Uprising Campaign, these tanks were deployed again- this time in Murmansk, Northern Russia; in order to destroy the Future Tech Research Facility in the area and liberate the imprisoned Soviet citizens, along with other Soviet units. The units were also deployed at Yucatan, New Mexico to eliminate another Future Tech Research Facility responsible for sending the Allied reinforcements back in Murmansk. Later on, as the Soviet Underground Resistance staged a full- scale assault on Sigma Island, where the Future Tech's Sigma Harmonizer Experimental Hyperweapon is about to be activated to permanently debilitate the Soviet Union; several of these Soviet behemoths rallied to debilitate all Future Tech Unit Production Facilities as well as to either capture and/or destroy the Allied bases in the area. These tanks have also met their new Allied counterpart- the Future Tank X-1, but none of these new Allied tanks stopped their rampage, as well as the full might of the Soviet Resistance Movement from completing its mission. In the end, they proved victorious, proving that none can stop these tanks in doing their sworn duty for the Union.



  • Highly-effective Magnetic Beam. Using it, at least 2 Future Tanks can be destroyed by a single Apocalypse Tank.
  • Can crush anything smaller than itself: including medium vehicles and heavy infantry
  • Very heavy armor
  • Self-Repairing- even if Heroic Level isn't achieved by the tank
  • Destructive twin 125mm Drakon HEAT cannons
  • Costs only 1500 if Mass Production upgrade is authorized
  • Can be airlifted by a Twinblade Combat Gunship
  • Can beat all of its counterparts from the other factions in a 1-on-1 fight
  • Unstoppable if combined with the Iron Curtain
  • Probably the most powerful tank in the war (the only true rival is the Allied Future Tank X-1)
  • Much heavier armor than it's predecessor
  • When fully promoted cannons can annihilate infantry quick with splash damage
  • Cheaper than Kirov, Future Tank, Giga Fortress and some other Tier 3 units
  • Can beat any ground unit one-on-one with the exception of the Shogun Executioner.
  • Can destroy defenses and structure quickly with Magnetic Harpoons.


  • Very slow
  • Expensive (Cost 2000) and has a long build-time
  • Vulnerable against commandos and large groups of anti-armor units
  • Vulnerable against artillery units
  • Defenseless against aircraft
  • Requires a Battle Lab to be built
  • Can be permanently bribed by Allied Spies for a fee of $1000
  • Cannons ineffective against infantry unless it reaches the Heroic Veterancy level
  • Loses one-on-one to Future Tank if it only uses it's Drakon cannons

Notes from the field

Battlefield reconnaissance has revealed at least these facts about the Apocalypse Tank:

Unstoppable -- The apocalypse tank can simply roll over anything that survives its main guns. Main battle tanks, let alone smaller vehicles, can easily be crushed under the apocalypse tank's treads.

The sinister M-harpoon -- The apocalypse can effectively spear and reel in other vehicles using the M-harpoon, or even drag itself toward structures. However, the magnet requires an extreme amount of energy, so the tank's main guns are rendered inoperable while the M-harpoon is active.

Pure anti-armor -- While the apocalypse tank has nothing to fear from lesser vehicles, its crew's limited visibility combined with its armor-piercing ammunition means it is less effective against very small targets, namely infantry. Commanders also admit that the apocalypse requires anti-air support.

Worth its weight in ore -- The apocalypse tank and its two main guns and 16-layer armor don't come cheap. On top of that, the schematics for manufacturing these vehicles in the field are authorized only by battle lab technicians required to study the tank's performance characteristics.


You cannot escape!

- Apocalypse Tank using its special ability

  • Conceptually, the M-Harpoon is similar to Yuri's Magnetrons; the only difference between the two is that the Apocalypse uses it to drag vehicles underneath its grinders, while the Magnetron lifts the victim unit in the air and pulls it towards the Magnetron. But if the target is bigger or heavier (like the MCV, or another Apocalypse Tank) The Apocalypse tank will be dragged towards that target instead. However, the target will still stay in place.
  • Their grinders are similar to those found on the Grinder (Red Alert 3)tanks- giving a hint that the tank's compact grinder treads, was used as a basis for this advanced Soviet behemoth.
  • Most of the Apocalypse tank's lines are direct quotes from Red Alert 2's Apocalypse tank as well as the Rhino tank.
  • If the Apocalypse Tank magnetizes any unit (enemy, ally or player units), by the time the Apocalypse starts grinding, use reverse move or simply move the Apocalypse forward but doing this will only crush the target vehicle. If done right, the target will explode instantly. Does not work on ships and tier 3 units.
  • The Apocalypse's M-Harpoon can magnetize lower-leveled time bombs.
  • The Apocalypse's M-Harpoon can instantly kill a frozen unit. There will be no animation in which the tank pulls a unit, the unit simply explodes when the magnetic beam hits it.
  • The Apocalypse Tank's "GET OVER HERE" line may be a reference to the character Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series of games, who says "GET OVER HERE" when he pulls an enemy towards him using his spear.

Selected Quotes


  • The Apocalypse has begun!
  • Armageddon is here!


  • We wait!
  • Soviet Power Supreme!
  • I have the final say...
  • The Instrument of DOOM...
  • It is day of judgement!
  • Where are they?
  • Vengeance is near...


  • We cannot be stopped!
  • It is time!
  • They will run in fear!
  • Make a path...
  • They will pay!
  • Excellent!
  • Be patient...
  • We know they are here...

Attacking with Cannon

  • Crush them!
  • Now!
  • Amusing!
  • Pathetic!
  • Kill it!
  • Leave nothing!
  • Eradicate them!
  • With pleasure!

Attacking with Magnetic Harpoon

  • A fine choice...
  • An appetizer...
  • This one looks good!
  • Your turn!

Move to Attack

  • Annihilating!
  • The day has come!
  • At last!
  • So it begins!
  • *Maniacal Sadistic Laughter*

In combat

  • Such Fools!
  • The end is at hand!
  • It's soon shall be over!
  • This will be their last moments!
  • Their end draws near!
  • We shall end this! 
  • It will soon be a wasteland!
  • There is no mercy!


  • Armageddon will wait!
  • Soviet Power must be preserved!!
  • Let them be!

Under fire

  • The fools cannot hinder me!
  • The Apocalypse cannot be stopped!
  • I will not be interrupted!
  • They have not accepted their fate!



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