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Brotherhood of Nod

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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn


Field Test The ORCA

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Arad is a city in Romania where Nod had a second base and GDI's second convoy was blocked by another set of Turrets. An unknown GDI Commander came to the rescue in Arad as his superior, James Solomon dealt with the Nod forces in Trieste.

First Tiberium War

In the late middle of the First Tiberium War, an unknown GDI Commander was briefed by Solomon to deal with the Nod forces in Arad while he was in Trieste. Nod established another set of Turrets and trapped the GDI convoy from getting into the valley and destroying the Nod base on the other side of the valley. The Commander field tested some ORCAs and destroyed the Turrets while on the look-out for Nod anti-air. After the Turrets were destroyed, GDI forces in the convoy drove through the valley and destroyed the entire Nod base there which killed the Nod Commander in charge of Arad. Both GDI convoys won victoriously in Arad and Trieste before they headed downwards to Greece.

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