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Heavy multi-purpose bomber


3 dual chaingun emplacements
2 dual particle beam cannons
2 batteries of rockets
HE bombs



Hit points

30 000

Where the heck did that thing come from?!
- An unidentified Nod soldier after the Arcus enters the battlefield.
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Arcus is an experimental bomber developed by the Global Defense Initiative that appears in Tiberian Twilight as the endgame boss of the Nod campaign.


Arcus is an experimental design created by the GDI in complete secrecy. It is a massive air vehicle kept in air by a system of six engines not unlike those of a Global Stratospheric Transport and protected by extremely heavy plating. A bridge is clearly visible in the center, with a helipad in the back (a Talon hovercraft is present there).

It is primarily an offensive vessel: an array of chainguns and particle beam cannons give it 360 degree coverage (and extreme firepower, capable of downing Basilisks in seconds), while high explosive bombs make short work of anything on the ground. Arcus is a VTOL, able to land on the ground and deploy troops from its spacious cargo bay.


This super-heavy capital ship has been in development for a long time and was still considered an experimental unit by 2077. When Kane moved to Ground Zero in order to activate the Scrin Tower, GDI General Wesley Riggs deployed Arcus against him, which destroyed allied Crawlers with ease. It is eventually destroyed by Commander Parker.

In-Game Unit

Arcus is not a producable unit in the game and is only featured in the last mission in the Nod Campaign where it serves as a boss unit to fight. Victory in the campaign can only be achieved by destroying Arcus which has a health readout at the top of the screen for the player to see.


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Building Scorpions will be a very big help; they can target the Arcus in the sky and land. Try not to move your units under the Arcus, as the HE bombs will fire then. When the Arcus lands, a commando and engineer will drop from a drop pod.

Another solid tactic is to use Basilisk warships with either the voice of Kane to slow the bomber or use the rate of fire boost on the Basilisks giving them an extremely high rate of fire.

In addition if player are using Support Crawler, use support powers to call Hijackers as much as you can and hijack Titan as much as you could when GDI offense crawler are still around. If arcus deploy ground unit which was hijackable, use hijackers to hijack it.

Another simply tactic is to pick up Blue Tiberian Crytal and explode it near to Arcus.One explosion makes more than 10% of damage.


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