Arizona state flag

South-western United States of America


North America




US State


United States of America
Brotherhood of Nod

Appears in

Tiberian Sun

Arizona is the US state that is located with Mexico in the south, New Mexico to the east, Nevada and Utah to the north and Califorina to the west.

Tiberium Universe

Two missions are located in Arizona. The first one was Phoenix and the Phoenix Base where GDI had to reinforce and take back the base from Nod forces in the area. The Nod forces there were destroyed as another mission was located at San Simon in this state as a region clearing all Nod resistance in this area at all times. Nod travelled into New Mexico and Texas crossing all American territory that GDI had to take back from the Nod forces before they go down to Mexico in destroying Vega as Nod who came from Bosnia is to go to Hammerfest Base in Norway seventy miles from it due to a distress signal.

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