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Arkhangelsk Tank Plant is a Soviet company whose products appear in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


Located at Arkhangelsk, Russia, the Arkhangelsk Tank Plant is a military company existing in the Soviet Union, responsible for its WWIII-era Tank forces during the War. Notably, in a lonely corner of this sprawling company, sits Building 19, a large gray monolith whose only notable feature is a pair of oversized hangar-style doors emblazoned with the building's number - the same building that brought the Hammer tank to the battlefield of the world.


Hammer Tanks were first deployed in France, against the British Guardian Tanks. Also, they participated in Germany (Red Alert) against Lissette and once again, in Switzerland under Oleg Vodnik at Geneva. Most of the Imperial campaign like Moscow, Stalingrad, Odessa and Vorkuta had all of the Hammer tanks destroyed.

Apocalypse Tanks took part in Germany under Oleg after the Iron Curtain was attacked. The tank took part for bribing by Giles Price in Havana. They also took a stand in Leningrad under Krukov's command. They were all destroyed in one last attempt to kill Warren Fuller which Mirage Tanks and Century Bombers saved him. The Apocalypse Tank went into Mt. Fuji to battle Yoshiro's King Oni at the Imperial Palace. A column of these were sent in by Moskvin to destroy the last Allied bastion in New York. Gregor Zelinsky used the Apocalypses to fight off the Imperial forces from destroying FutureTech in Amsterdam.


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