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Reflective Dozer Blade[1]

The Armadillo is a GDI armoured personnel carrier in Tiberian Twilight.


The intended purpose of the unit is to fulfil the role of an Guardian APC in GDI's armies. It's heavily armored but relatively slow and well suited to plough directly into enemy territory.[1]

The Guardian, it's predecessor, was designed for a much less Tiberium contaminated world as well as close quarter combat in urban areas, hence its shape. However, with the decline of the world wide environment, GDI soldiers needed better protection in the field. As such, all GDI infantry were equipped with Zone Armour.

However, the brilliant design of the Guardian suddenly had a major flaw- its troop compartment is too small to accommodate Zone Armoured passengers. Therefore, the Guardian was scrapped in favor of a new design.

The Armadillo, like its predecessor, features firing ports for infantry as well as a machine gun for added fire power. Though it is much larger and more boxy, as it is specifically designed with Zone Armoured passengers in mind. For added protection, an optional reflective dozer can be mounted on the front.

A common tactic when using the Armadillo is ordering Zone Captains inside them in order to make use of their powerful weaponry.[2] Can carry up to three troops.

In-Game Unit

The Armadillo is a heavily armoured APC, like its predecessor, any infantry inside will be able to fire from the vehicle. It also has its own weapon, a machine gun capable of shredding enemy infantry and light vehicles. The Armadillo can be upgraded with a dozer blade, which increases its armour and giving it a chance to reflect enemy attacks.


TT Armadillo


  • 'Sup boss.
  • This is how we roll baby!
  • Where's the fire chief?


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