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Armor Facility
Armor Facility
An Armor Facility


  • Vehicle Assembly
  • Vehicle Repair Station
Hit points


Armour type






Build time


Produced by

Construction Yard


Ore Refinery






Prospector, Guardian Tank, Riptide ACV, Multigunner IFV, Mirage Tank, Pacifier FAV, Future Tank X-1, Athena Cannon, MCV

RA3 Armor Facility Icons

Armor facility is a unit production building of Allied in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


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Prepping blueprints for expansion...
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Being an alliance formed from many independent countries, the Allied arsenal is drawn from many nations which have their own standards and technologies. In response, many Allied buildings are designed to cater to these specialized requirements. One example of this is the Armor facility. This building is essentially a large garage with a speciallized component factory that is able to produce parts for any vehicle design, be it treaded, wheeled, or hovered. There are also external secured storage areas for storage and transport purposes, connected with an overhead elevator. As well as producing vehicle components, these buildings can serve to repair nearby damaged vehicles via flying repair drones. The building contains basic blueprints for tier 1 vehicles while more advanced designs become available at higher clearance levels from a nearby Construction yard or Command Hub.

Game building

It needs ground control to be deployed to a nearby base. To ensure that it can manufacture the full brunt of the Allied arsenal, it needs to be inside a base with Maximum Clearance and Defense Bureau. Unfortunately, due to most of its list of vehicles that cannot traverse through water, it cannot be deployed on water directly.

It can manufacture a variety of vehicles, mainly:

In any case that a vehicle must undergo repairs, every Armor facility is equipped with three repair drones that use the materials inside the facility to patch up any damage. The drones can also repair passing aircraft and naval units, given that they're in the repair range.

Being an Allied building and not intended for construction, it's existence alone doesn't expand constructible area nor make the area nearby became acessible for construction. As such, capturing one in hostile zone will not expand your constructible area and, thus, require more units assigned for guard until the area surroun become suitable for construction. Vehicle menu's until all expansion requirement are met are restricted to initial option only.

An armor facility is designed to only build vehicles, not fend for itself. So destroying one would not be difficult for most enemy units. To compensate its vulnerability, it must be guarded by friendly units, or base defenses such as Multigunner Turrets and Spectrum Towers.

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