Arms Race
Unit Unlocked

Vacuum Imploder


1 vs 1


Come and Get It


Battle Room

Arms Race is the forty-eighth mission in the Commander's Challenge after the Come and Get It operation and before the Battle Room fight over another superweapon of the Imperials. Oleg fights the Futuretech Commander for causing the victory inside the Soviet Union by defeating Moskvin and stealing the Kirov Airship. Oleg is later being defeated by the Commander which had the Head of Soviet Military Affairs to end his career on the island of Madagascar.


In this challenge, the Commander is sent to Madagascar to defeat Oleg and steal his Vacuum Imploder which remains as the last Soviet weapon in this challenge. The Futuretech Commander successfully defeats the Head of Soviet Military Affairs and steals the weapon before returning to Amsterdam to give the weapon's data over to his boss, Kelly Weaver.

Vera remains as the last Soviet Co-Commander to be defeated along with the Imperials' Shinzo Nagama who has a final weapon in the western region of South Africa known as the Nanoswarm Hive. Also there in South Africa was the former RAF pilot, Giles Price to whom the Commander thinks he will be using his own infantry to take him out and his own base.

Briefing Information


  • Encaged yourself in the starting point is a not a good idea. Relocate your base to the sea for wider expansion area and better protection from enemy's ground force is a good stragery.
  • But beware of Natasha and Soviet Navy.
  • Oleg doesn't build Airfield in this mission, but heavily defends on his AA ground forces, like Bullfrog and Flak Cannon.
  • Allied Arsenal is recommended, as it can obtain Free Trade upgrade, which improves resource collecting effort in early game.
    • Chrono Rift helps protecting important buildings from Vacuum Imploder, or buys the player enough time to counter it.
    • The Allied has 2 offensive support power, unlike the Soviet, which are placed in the same Protocol column, unlike the Imperial counterparts.
    • Harbinger gunship is recommended, as it can easily deal with AA ground units, and can self-repairs. Advanced Aeronautics and High Technology both improves its capability. It is much cheaper and faster to build than the Imperial Giga-Fortress, and much more flexible than Soviet Kirov Airship.