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25px-Disambig For other uses, see Artillery.
TS Mobile Artillery
Mobile and deployed Artilleries

Self-propelled artillery


155mm HE artillery cannon





Tech level


Hit points




Produced by

Nod War factory


Nod radar

Ground attack

150 (ARTYHE)





Attack range

18 (minimum 5)

Sight range



Deploys to fire

Elite upgrade

Seft healing

TS Artillery Icons

Deployable artillery was used by Nod, CABAL and the Forgotten during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis, continuing the Brotherhood's extensive use of mobile artillery from the First Tiberium War.


The new, advanced artillery unit deploys stabilizers and becomes stationary before firing, to accommodate the massive recoil. In return, it has an awesome range and its shells are effective at reducing fortifications and advancing enemy forces to dust, as the cannon is surprisingly very accurate even against moving targets.


The artillery design proved to be very influential, as new generations were developed, most notably the stealth Specter of the Third Tiberium War.

Game unit

In vanilla Tiberian Sun, the artillery is the Brotherhood's most powerful conventional unit, with extreme range, accuracy and power, which make it excellent in both siege and defense roles. What makes the artillery more horrifying is its status as a low-tech-level unit; a player may build it with only a combination of a war factory and a Nod radar; not even a tech center is required. When five or more are deployed, GDI Titans (in limited numbers) will be shredded by concentrated fire without even getting close.

Airpower is the most effective way to deal with artilleries, as experienced players with skillful micromanagement can destroy several clustered artilleries in a single bombing run with Orca bombers, so artillery users have to pay extreme attention to mobile air defense, which is most often provided by large group of rocket soldiers or Attack cycles. Stealth tanks are not an ideal option for mobile air defense because they will not attack actively and have to decloak before firing, which takes time. One of the setbacks associated with the mobile artillery is the fact that artillery shells may create large crater near the user's base if used for defensive purposes, rendering the terrain unsuitable for building construction.

For the sake of game balance, artilleries are nerfed in Firestorm, with their damage, range, and accuracy for moving targets reduced significantly.



  • Extreme bombardment range keeps it well away from combat zones; longest range of any available GDI and Nod unit
  • Very destructive against structures and infantry
  • Excellent for suppressing and harassing enemy forces
  • Reasonably cheap ($975).
  • Excessively strong when massed
  • Can be use for both attack and defense


  • Slow moving speed
  • Vulnerable to anti-vehicles units
  • Vulnerable to air units.
  • Primary weapon has limitation of minimum range; cannot fire if target is too close
  • Fast moving units can evade its fire (Firestorm only)
  • Cannot fire on targets too close
  • Not immune to Tiberium veins.
  • Immobile when deployed.


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