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RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Red Alert 3: Uprising and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
As Time Stood Still
Sigma Island
Sigma Island in the use of FutureTech Corporation under Rupert Thornley.

A Much Brighter Future


Rise of a new USSR

Part of

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising




Sigma Island


Soviet Victory
FutureTech defeated
Thornley resigns and is arrested


Soviet Union



Destroy the Sigma Harmonizer

Wipe out the Soviet presence


Unnamed commander
Dasha Fedorovich

Rupert Thornley


Full Soviet arsenal

Allied arsenal
Future tanks
Harbinger Gunships
Sigma Harmonizer
Cooling Towers



  • USSR rises again, thanking the Allies who sent their forces out of the country


  • All Future Tanks deactivated
  • Sigma Harmoniser destroyed
  • Thornley resigns being arrested and Kelly Weaver becomes new head of FutureTech
We can't let this Sigma Harmonizer go online: you must stop them, or our future will be extinguished!
- Dasha talking to the Commander prior to the battle.

As Time Stood Still is the fourth and final mission of the Soviet Campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising. It is the last battle between the Soviet Union and FutureTech. It is fought on one of the biggest FutureTech strongholds in the world - Sigma Island.


The Soviet resistance had gathered enough intelligence to deduce that FutureTech was planning on global domination under the cover of the Allies' goal to maintain world peace. The EU President Rupert Thornley also played an influential role in FutureTech's progress and had a plan to eliminate the communists completely not just from the face of the earth but from time as well. The Soviet Underground managed the device responsible for this on a man-made FutureTech stronghold dubbed Sigma Island.

Act 1: Approaching the island

They don't know we are here... yet.
- Dasha

The Soviets sent an MCV and a small assault force on the less guarded part of the island. The Soviets used the bullfrogs to shoot down a harbinger which was guarding the coast and to paradrop some soldiers on the island to clear the area from FutureTech guards to deploy the MCV and build a base.

Once the base was built, FutureTech detected the Soviet presence on the island and quickly chronoshifted a Future Tank X-1 into the Soviet base and sent ground reinforcements (and more Future Tanks). FutureTech had a large base in the middle of the island, a naval base on the north-west and an air base on the north-east. The airbase was designated as a priority target because with FutureTech Apollos in the skies, it would have been to dangerous for the Soviets to use their own aircrafts.

Thornley soon decided to field-test the Sigma Harmonizer against the intruders: suddenly all the Soviet units and structures stopped functioning for a short while. Dasha then informed the Soviet Commander that Thornley was using the Sigma Harmonizer to "block time" for their units. With such a powerful weapon in their arsenal, FutureTech could attack the Soviet base while it was completely defenceless, giving them a big advantage.

The Soviet Commander soon realized that the only way for his army to prevail was to destroy all the facilities that were producing the Future Tanks, as they were too many and if they weren't dealt with as soon as possible they would soon overwhelm the Soviet forces.

Act 2: Destruction of the Future Tanks

You better hurry, Commander! Or else I'll gonna push the button and freeze your forces like a photograph. And then, I'll come after you.
- Rupert Thornley, initiating Future Tanks

The Soviets quickly began construction of an army and a navy. Dasha also sent some Grinder tanks to help the Commander. FutureTech was attacking from water, land and air, so it was a good idea to destroy the naval and air bases to gain supremacy of the waters and the skies.

The Soviets quickly built Dreadnoughts and Akula subs: they besieged a little and poorly defended island on the south to gain control over its ore field, and turn it into a more safe secondary base as the Future tanks would not be able to reach it without the aid of a Chronosphere.

Having done that, they quickly moved to destroy the naval base. FutureTech resistance was heavy, as they deployed many aircraft carriers and dolphins, and the Harbingers were constantly patrolling the seas, forcing the Soviets to build more Bullfrogs for AA support. When the FutureTech naval base fell, the Soviets quickly focused on the air base, which was bombarded by Soviet dreadnoughts, putting an end to the FutureTech air supremacy in the area.

With the naval and air threats gone, the Soviets could now concentrate on the destruction of the facilities. They found out the Future Tanks were also powered up by Cooling Towers, that when captured with engineers would have significantly slowed down the production of said tanks.

Upon capturing the towers some of the tanks started to deactivate, giving the Soviets a temporany advantage. However, costant use of the Sigma Harmonizer by FutureTech made things much harder than first thought. But in not so long, the first Future Tanks facility fell. The Soviets captured more Cooling Towers (and Oil Derricks to aid their economy) and destroyed the rest of the facilities after an intense battle with FutureTech vehicle divisions.

Having gained control over the island, now it was time to destroy the Sigma Harmonizer once and for all.

Act 3: The Sigma Harmonizer

The Soviets finally located the exact position of the Sigma Harmonizer, which was just about to come online definitively. Coincidentally it was located in the same area of the destroyed FutureTech Air Base. The last of the Future Tanks, as well as a Proton Collider and a Chronosphere, were defending the Sigma Harmonizer for the time needed for it to come online.

The Soviets quickly threw all they had to destroy the infernal device. Twinblades transported Apocalypse Tanks on the position, which were soon reached by Kirov airships. Once there, the Soviets assaulted the Sigma Harmonizer.

Despite extremely heavy resistance by FutureTech, the Soviets managed to open a breach in the FutureTech defenses and destroy the Sigma Harmonizer and the rest of the FutureTech forces in the area. The finishing blow was (much to the bad luck of the crew) was delivered by a Kirov Airship which crashed on the Harmonizer. What remained of the FutureTech forces on Sigma Island surrendered to the Red Army, which, triumphant, declared victory over the single greatest threat to the survival of the Soviet Union.


No! What have you done, you idiot! I could have created heaven on Earth! Now... now, I have nothing...
- Rupert Thornley

This battle signaled the defeat of FutureTech and the revelation of their plans of world domination to the entire world. Thornley was arrested by the Allies, which thanked the Soviets for preventing FutureTech from using the Sigma Harmonizer, and withdrew their forces from Russia to other areas (most likely the Empire of the Rising Sun or home territories) as a sign of gratitude, so that the Soviets could rebuild their nation.

Kelly Weaver, the public relations spokesperson of FutureTech, said she and FutureTech had no idea on Rupert's plans, and that they will do anything to make sure such an accident doesn't happen again (specifically, by reinforcing FutureTech bases even further).

With the Soviet Union now again left on its own, will peace finally prevail between the Allies and the Soviets? Or would it take advantage of the Allies' trust, and send the world to war again?

Time will tell... Sooner or later, time will tell...


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