Athena's Wrath
Unit Unlocked

Athena Cannon


1 vs 1


Symphony of Steel



Side Unlocked

Ready to Roll Out

Athena's Wrath is a Commander's Challenge mission. In the midst of Douglas Hill being defeated in the Dead Meat (Challenge) operation, Lydia Winters chose herself to fight the Futuretech Commander. Kelly Weaver sends him to destroy her base and take a hi-tech unit known as the Athena Cannon. Like Australia's aid to the Allies with the Multigunner IFV, an Athena Cannon supports all Allied Forces from war-torn Greece. This is the sixth mission after the Symphony of Steel contest against Kenji Tenzai and before Scavenger where Vera Belova and an Imperial Co-Commander comes to fight in resisting the FutureTech experts.


After five victories have been scored, the FutureTech company sends their Commander to Western Australia to bring back the Athena Cannon to their headquarters in Amsterdam. The Commander for this Allied defense network, Lydia Winters has three bases in the desert and wants to destroy the Futuretech Commander all on her own. The Commander smashes the first Allied base before crossing the desert in the middle and destroying the other two bases. Lydia Winters thought the execution of the Commander's tactics were sloppy and her Athena Cannons didn't work when she was defeated, but for the Futuretech Commander himself, it worked out perfectly with his own style of factional tactics.

Briefing Information

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