Athena's Wrath
Unit Unlocked

Athena Cannon


1 vs 1


Symphony of Steel



Side Unlocked

Ready to Roll Out

The weather is uncommonly clear way out here, so the Allies use this place for troubleshooting their orbital defense network--the very same network creating competition for our services. Supervising the job is Commander Lydia Winters, the woman largely responsible for the Allies' ability to smite from the heavens using their Athena Cannons. While the task is somewhat dangerous, by engaging the Athena Cannons here, you will buy us time enough to triangulate their satellites' locations and complete our map of the Allies' orbital array.
- Mission briefing

Athena's Wrath is the sixth main mission in Commander's Challenge.


FutureTech sends the FutureTech Commander to an Allied facility in Western Australia, which is used for troubleshooting the Athena cannon network under the supervision of the network's architect, Lydia Winters. By engaging Winters here, FutureTech is hoping to complete their map of the Allies' orbital array.