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For the Tiberium Wars mech, see Avatar (Tiberium Wars). For Black Hand original, see Purifier.
AW-30 Avatar

Nod Offense Class


Anti-tank walker


Ballistic cannons




10 CP

Build time



CNC4 Backup Systems Cameo Backup systems


Loses cannons when damaged, but receives a significant speed increase

Now I've felt how it is being Shiva, the destroyer of worlds
- Flight Lieutenant Hal Lynch, lead Avatar Test Pilot, paraphrasing Oppenheimer upon completing his first test run with the Avatar Mk. II..
CNC4 Avatar Cameo

The AW-30 Avatar, also known as the Caturhasta Avatar, is a large mech used by the Brotherhood of Nod Offense Class in Tiberian Twilight.


The Avatar continues its role as an anti-tank walker. It can be outfitted with up to four cannons when fully upgraded, allowing it to do some significant damage to enemy forces. As it is damaged, these cannons are blown off from the Avatar, significantly increasing its speed with each cannon lost and allowing the player to retreat the unit to repair and, quite literally, re-arm. All Avatars require a High Leveled Nod Offense Crawler to build.[1]

Interestingly, it appears that the new Avatar uses traditional ballistic cannons, as opposed to the earlier incarnation's laser. [2]


The first incarnation of these assault walkers came at the hands of Marcion in the years after the Firestorm Crisis. He was responsible for the creation of the Purifier Warmech which in turn led to the development of the Avatar that saw use in the Third Tiberium War. Following its creation, data on the efficiency and progress of these fearsome war machines was uploaded and examined in real-time by Kane's artificial intelligence known as LEGION. Through this process, the machine mind concluded that there were a number of serious flaws with the Mark I version of the Avatar. One of these problems was the fact that Avatar operators tended to destroy perfectly functioning vehicles in order to create impedements to GDI's forces. This means of self preservation led to a loss in efficiency and turned the adaptability of the Avatar Mk. I to a serious problem.[3]

Following this conclusion, the Nod Engineering Corps was tasked with the important mission of creating an improved Mark II version of the Avatar. This in turn lead to some important developments in this new design, the first of which was the removal of a pilot control pod, turning the Avatar into an automated weapon platform. Instead, pilots were given an advanced remote control system allowing them to be connected to their specific Avatar by a direct neural link. This essentially turned the Avatar Mk. II into its namesake as it became a remote controlled body for Nod soldiers. In addition, Nod engineers removed the capacity for the war mechs to utilize vehicles to supplement their weapon fire. As the Tiberium Control Network Conflict began to escalate, the Brotherhood removed some of the armor from the torso of the Avatar and placed an extra cannon within the chest in order to add to their destructive firepower.[3]

In-Game Unit

Let them face me!
- Avatar

The Avatar is the Brotherhood of Nod's primary anti-medium heavy walker at Tier 3, the equivalent of the Mammoth Tank. The standard Avatar freshly built from the Offense Crawler boasts a cannon on each of its "arms" and another, slightly more powerful one in the middle of its chest. Upon collecting a blue Tiberium core, it will gain an additional pair of cannon-bearing arms, bringing the total number of cannons to five.

As it sustains more damage, more of these cannons will be blown off, until only the chest cannon remains. In the process, however, it gains more speed, allowing it to retreat to fight another time. The heavy armour of the Avatar is vulnerable only to lasers, but, like its predecessor, the Avatar cannot attack aircraft. Also like its older incarnation, it leaves a capturable husk when destroyed, however with the back-up systems upgrade (tier 3) the husk can self repair (10 HP per second) and will stand up, combat ready, once at full health; making destoying or capturing a husk important for any commander. When not in combat, the unit also self repairs. The Avatar is also inefficient against moving targets.

An achievement can be earned if the player uses it to destroy 10 targets.


Their fates belong to me!
Embrace your demise!
It's now my turn!
Their end is now!
Avatar power on!
Avatar moving!
Pitiful fools!
Avatar back online!
I'm back and want revenge!
Scanners active!
Nothing can stop me!
The weak shall inherit the dirt!
Steel rain approaches!
Nothing in my way!


When idle, it seems that the avatar raises both of his arm, aim it upwards and it shows two (four when upgraded) metal rods that seems to be also seen when the avatar is firing. It also seems to mimic its firing when idle.


Behind the Scenes

Due to community pressure, the Avatar was redesigned along with the Nod Engineer in the days leading up to Christmas 2009.[4]

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