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Backup systems
CNC4 Backup Systems Cameo

GDI/Nod Offense Class




1 Upgrade Point

With this upgrade, husks from heavy units will regain health over time. When the husk is at full HP, the unit comes back online at 50% HP. Husks can be destroyed or captured before this happens so they must be protected.

Units that leave husks are: the Mammoth Tank, Mastodon and Rhino for GDI. And the Nod Widow, Avatar and Aftershock.

It is important to note that this upgrade comes from the Offense Class. And can therefore only be applied to the Rhino and Aftershock, which are both Defense units, if the player switches to the offense class to buy the upgrade, after he or she has unlocked tier 3 tech on his or her Defense Crawler.

CNC4 Nod Logo Brotherhood of Nod Ascension Conflict Arsenal CNC4 Nod Logo
CNC4 GDI Logo Global Defense Initiative Ascension Conflict Arsenal CNC4 GDI Logo

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