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Bad to Worse
CnC4 P2

Beginning of the End


Hard Choices

Part of

Ascension Conflict


1 May 2077


New Adana Badlands


GDI Victory



Nod Separatists


Recapture the TCN Nodes

Repel GDI counterattack


Colonel Louise James
Commander Parker
Sergeant Nash



GDI Defense Crawler with Zone Troopers, Zone Raiders, Zone Lancers and defense structures

Nod Defense Crawler with accompanying forces
Tunnel Networks




Bad to worse was the second GDI mission in Tiberian Twilight and served as the second tutorial mission of the game.


After successfully escorting Kane to New Adana, GDI Commander-in-Chief General Riggs informs Colonel James that Gideon had struck at the TCN nodes just outside of the capital. Observing this as a bold attack by the Separatists, James and Parker headed off to meet the threat.

The battle

By the time Parker deployed his Defense Crawler into the area, Gideon's forces had already defeated the GDI defenders and captured one of the nodes, and were on their way to the second node. Parker managed to get to the second node in time and prepared the defense structures to protect the node from capture. He trained a few Zone infantry units and garrisoned inside the constructed bunker and Parker watched the defenses intercepting the Nod aircraft.

Parker next proceeded to build up his infantry squads and collected Tiberium crystals for further upgrades. As his forces headed off to find the Separatists, James suggested to Parker to destroy the Tunnel Networks providing the Separatists with reinforcements. With the tunnel networks destroyed, Parker's infantry finally scouted the Separatists at the captured TCN node and routed out the Separatist forces, capturing the node in the process.


Unfortunately the captured node started to react violently and sent a shockwave that wiped out all combatants within a small radius. At the same time, the commander blacked out, his last image via the optical implants being the Scrin Threshold tower.

Tiberian Twilight Missions

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