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Gen GameiconZH Gameicon
Gen GameiconZH Gameicon
  • American Barracks
  • Chinese Barracks
  • GLA Barracks
  • Train infantry
  • Heal infantry


Hit points
  • 1000
  • 1200 (Fai)
Armour type
  • Structure Armor
  • GLA Upgraded Structure Armor with Fortified Structure (GLA only)
  • $600 (USA)
  • $500
Build time
  • 0:10 (with power)
  • 0:18 (without power)
Produced by


Sight range
  • 200
  • 150 (Leang)
Gen1 Land Mine Icons
Land Mines China only)
ZH Neutron Mines Icons
Neutron Mine (China only)
ZH Fortified Structure Icons
Fortified Structure (GLA only)
ZH Camo Netting Icons
Camo Netting (Prince Kassad only)
Huh? Where you are going to train your troops now?!
- Granger upon destroying the Barracks
Gen1 USA Barracks Icons
Gen1 China Barracks Icons
Gen1 GLA Barracks Icons

A Barracks was an essential battlefield structure for all of the factions involved in the GLA conflict.


From the Barracks all infantry were trained for battlefield command. The Barracks also housed medical facilities where injured soldiers could return to be healed back to a battle-ready state. For the USA and China, the Barracks was one of the few buildings that did not require a power plant of some kind to also be in the vicinity. All of the factions could train soldiers to capture buildings if the commander purchased the Capture Building upgrade at the Barracks. Barracks were quite fragile however.



Gen1 Land Mine Icons Land mine Deploy standard mines around the Barrack. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $600.
ZH Neutron Mines Icons Neutron Mines Upgrades the standard to neutron mines thus allowing them to kill vehicle pilots instead of destroying them. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $500. Requires Land mine to be installed.


ZH Fortified Structure Icons Fortified Structure Fortify Barrack against enemy attacks. Purchasable at any Palace for a cost of $1000.
ZH Camo Netting Icons Camo Netting Upgrades Barrack with camo netting, rendering it invisible to enemy forces until it fires or is fired upon, or detected by detectors. Purchasable at the building for a cost of $500. Prince Kassad only.

Game buidling

Infantry Available

Building a Barracks will only get your men hurt general!
- General Townes


Icon Unit Requirements Ability
Gen1 Ranger Icons Ranger none
Gen1 Missile Defender Icons Missile Defender none
  • Laser Lock
Gen1 Pathfinder Icons Pathfinder General's Promotion
  • Kill infantry with one shot
Gen1 Burton Icons Colonel Burton Strategy Center
  • Stab
  • Place explosive charge


Icon Unit Requirements Ability
Gen1 Red Guard Icons Red Guard none
Gen1 Tank Hunter Icons Tank Hunter none
  • TNT Attack
Gen1 Hacker Icons Hacker Propaganda Center
  • Hack internet
  • Hack building
Gen1 Black Lotus Icons Black Lotus Propaganda Center


Icon Unit Requirements Ability
Gen1 Rebel Icons Rebel none Capture Building
Gen1 RPG Trooper Icons RPG Trooper none none
Gen1 Terrorist Icons Terrorist none Car Bomb
Gen1 Angry Mob Icons Angry Mob Palace none
Gen1 Jarmen Kell Icons Jarmen Kell Palace Kill vehicle crew
Gen1 Hijacker Icons Hijacker
  • Palace
  • General's Promotion (This was not required if playing as Kassad).
Hijack vehicle and tanks

The GLA barracks leaves a GLA Hole after it has been destroyed.

Upgrades Available

Icon Upgrade Description
Gen1 Capture Building Icons Capture Building Enables Rangers, Red Guards and Rebels to capture enemy and neutral buildings.


Icon Upgrade Description
Gen1 Flashbangs Icons Flash-Bang Grenades Enable Rangers to launch flash bang grenades which deal great damage to infantry and could kill enemies in garrisoned buildings.

Zero Hour Addition


Icon Unit Requirements Ability
Mini Gunner Mini-Gunner General Shin Fai Capture Building
ZH Super Lotus Icons Super Lotus


Icon Unit Requirements Ability
ZH Toxin Rebel Icons Toxin Rebel Dr Thrax Clear garrisoned buildings
Gen1 Terrorist Icons Toxin Terrorist Dr Thrax Car Bomb
ZH Saboteur Icons Saboteur Palace Sabotage buildings
ZH Booby Traps Icons Booby Traps none Enable Rebels to put Booby Trap on own and neutral buildings


No! Not my Barracks!!! We will build another, General. Then, you will pay!
- General Shin Fai after his Barracks were destroyed


The American Barracks Cameo has a graphical mistake; in the cameo, it shows a USA Command Center instead of the original one (or vice versa). However, some mods (like Rise of The Reds) can fix this.

The model and texture (with showed in the gallery) of prototype American Barracks remains in the Zero Hour game files.

Generals USA icon United States of America First GLA War Arsenal Generals USA icon
China People's Republic of China First GLA War Arsenal China
Gla Global Liberation Army GLA War Arsenal Gla