Bart Truxton
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Red Alert iPhone


Prisoner of war to the Japanese

Bart Truxton is an Allied scientist who created technology, presentable to the Allied High Command during Red Alert iPhone. He made many experiments accordingly to Soviet and Imperial leaders as "they never imagined to see them before" and works under orders of an Allied Commander along with Tanya and Eva McKenna.


During the Post-War Crisis, Truxton was taken prisoner by the Imperial Commander who wanted to interrogate him over how he worked with the Allies and naming a number of experiments that he did. The scientist was captured by the Empire of the Rising Sun after rebellers were destroyed along with the Allied base in Japan. Truxton was imprisoned at a fortress somewhere in Japan, but at the Allied High Command in Great Britain, Allied intelligence believed correctly that the cause of Truxton's imprisonment was an Imperial espionage that designed an investigation into his imprisonment by Emperor Yoshiro and his Commander.

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