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Long-range Heavy Laser Platform


Side-mounted Heavy Lasers (Laser)


Heavy Aircraft Plating (Heavy)




10 CP


CNC4 Spectrum Beam Cameo Spectrum beam

  • Stasis projector
    • Renders targeted units invulnerable, but unable to move or attack.
CNC4 Basilisk Cameo
Basilisk warship: online.
- Basilisk

The Basilisk is a Nod Support Tier 3 heavy air unit. It is unlocked when a Nod Commander reaches Level 12.


The Basilisk is a massive aircraft with two heavy lasers, excellent for attacking other heavy units and Crawlers. Its heavy armour will shrug off bullets and rockets, but is itself weak against other laser units. It is also rather slow-moving compared to most aircraft.

The Basilisk's lasers are extremely long ranged, able to fire at targets beyond its sight radius without being in range of return fire. This means it is capable of taking out most units before they can ever get close or run away. When upgraded with the Spectrum Beam upgrade, the lasers will prism upon hitting the target, scattering to hit several other units near to the original target. this makes them the unit of choice when going up against large groups of heavy units. The lasers have a minimum range, however, and the Basilisk cannot fire at targets directly beneath them. Also, like all laser units, the Basilisk must come to a halt before opening fire.

The Basilisk also has a secondary stasis field projector which can freeze all units in a medium size area, similarly to the GDI Crystal Shield's Stasis ability. The frozen units cannot move or fire but are also rendered invulnerable while the field is in effect (about 10 seconds), making it useful both for stopping pursuit and for protecting an assaulted unit or Crawler until the Basilisk has destroyed the threat. It can also be used to split up a group of enemy forces, allowing the Basilisk to focus on a smaller group first before destroying the rest. The stasis field has to recharge between uses.

The Basilisk is too large to be constructed within the Support Crawler. As such, they are normally called from high altitude, where Nod & GDI's heavy aircraft cruise while waiting for an assignment, down to combat altitudes when requested.

The GDI equivalent to the Basilisk is the Thunderhead; the differences are that the Thunderhead can toggle between being air or ground unit (and is restricted to firing on the same plane), has only one laser, and its weapon has a passive effect when upgraded of rendering ground units immobile.[1]


The Basilisk is one of the last units unlocked in the Nod Support arsenal. They are useful in groups during open combat, taking out packs of enemies from long range as a front-line units engage them. They are also good (again in groups) for making sure no enemy heavies ever reach the front line. With Spectrum Lasers and the Mark of Kane support power active, a group can annihilate a full-scale attack force in less then five seconds. Lastly, due to their extreme range and stasis projectors, they are ideal crawler killers, surprising and stopping it with their stasis while it packs up, and using the interval to move close enough that it will not be able to outrun them, as they cannot fire while moving. The stasis field can also be used to neutralize defensive forces until the crawler is taken out.



  • According to the Worldbuilder, it was originally called the Nullifier.


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