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Increases the veterency of all friendly units (Land, air and structure) in a large area by two levels. Generally superior to Supply Drop as supply drop only drops six green crates (As the user cannot pick up the blue ones, leaving them available for enemy offense units) meaning only three units could get two veterency levels. Also, supply drop is only good for land units, whereas Battle Hardening affects air units as well (Useful when the majority of Support units are aerial). Battle Hardening can also be used on defensive structures to really make them into killing machines (Especially in skirmish where multiple turrets may be grouped together). Lastly, Battle Hardening is instant meaning all the user has to do is group their units together, as a opposed to manually having to send them to pick up crates. Supply drop's only advantage is in assisting offensive units, it is enough to blue core and achieve full veterency on two units.

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