First Battle of Croatia

Third Battle of Cairo


Battle of Slovenia


Mission to Albania

Part of

Third Tiberium War




Croatia, Yellow Zone Y1, Eastern Europe


GDI Victory





Defend the base and eliminate all Nod forces

Destroy the GDI presence


GDI Commander (TWIII)
Lt Kirce James

3 Nod commanders


GDI garrison
MCV escort force

Nod infantry base
Nod tank base
Nod airbase



Large. All three bases

The Battle of Croatia occurred during the Third Tiberium War in 2047 between GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod in the Nod-controlled Yellow Zone Y-1. At the behest of GDI Director Redmond Boyle, the GDI's best field commander was sent by General Granger to Croatia to reinforce the GDI base in the region to establish a forward staging ground for their assault on Temple Prime.


In light of the secretive operations in Egypt made public to the media and Kane's broadcast, Director Redmond Boyle ordered GDI High Command to lay siege on Kane's Temple Prime in Sarajevo. General Granger knew that this mission would only boost Boyle's standing in the eyes of the public at the cost of many lives but he nevertheless followed Boyle's order and sent his best field commander to establish a foothold in the region before assaulting Temple Prime. The commander headed off to battle while his intelligence officer Lt. Kirce James dispatched reinforcements.

Phase One: Holding out

The only GDI base in Yellow Zone Y1 was in Croatia that was established during the Second Tiberium War. Unfortunately Nod Shadow teams had previously destroyed the construction yard and sabotaged the base's power plants; the base itself was heavily damaged. Kane contacted the commander, taunting the commander's boldness to invade Nod territory. Thus the commander was forced to wait for an MCV to arrive in the area, juggling the limited power to his base defences depending on where Nod attacks have occurred. The commander had to hold out for 10 minutes before GDI reinforcements could arrive. This was not easy, as the derelict base was hammered on three sides by enemy infantry and aircraft. The Nod tanks especially were the constant sources of damaging the Guardian cannons and irritation to the GDI commander.

Phase Two: Escorting the MCV

After 10 minutes of holding out the MCV convoy had arrived on the opposite side of the river. Unfortunately the passage through the town was impeded by a crater on the main road and a Nod Laser turret system at the detour. What was worse was that there was a Nod infantry base near the only bridge access to the GDI outpost. The GDI commander was thus forced to build up a sizable force of their own infantry, APCs and Predator Tanks to rescue the convoy and escort the MCV safely back to the base. The GDI force fought off the initial Nod attacks, destroyed the laser turret system and escorted the MCV to the base. Unconfirmed reports suggested that the strike force also took out the Nod infantry base in the town, which would ease pressure on GDI. Reports also suggested that GDI captured Nod's own construction yard and power plants so the commander would not need having to constantly juggle the power to his base defences.

Phase Three: Eliminating the Nod army

Successfully getting the MCV and mobilised into a Construction Yard, GDI was thus able to reinforce their base defences and expanded the base. With Nod attacks repelled with minimal GDI casualties, GDI built up their own army and took the initiative.

Objective 1: Destroying the Nod base to the Southwest

This was the Nod base supplying their infantry.

Objective 2: Destroying the Nod base to the Northeast

This was the Nod base specialising in vehicles and tanks, and caused most of the harrassment to the GDI defenders. Wanting to eliminate the threat, the GDI commander sent in an Orca squadron to neutralise Nod's War factories before GDI's own tanks ravaged the base.

Objective 3: Destroying the Nod base to the Southeast

This was the base supplying Nod's aerial power in the region. Built on a cliff, there were no access points on the ground for GDI to use. The base had anti-air defenses so the Orcas could not destroy the base without being shot down. However the GDI commander made use of the Zone Trooper and Commando's Jump Jet abilities as well as airlifting his light vehicles and other infantry just out of SAM range and these forces destroyed the airbase.

With all Nod forces destroyed in the area, GDI claimed victory and established a strong foothold in Eastern Europe.


GDI's Croatian base became a staging ground for all GDI forces in their attack on Temple Prime near Sarajevo. One of the operations in their preparation of the attack was eliminating Nod's supply depots in Eastern Europe, including the mission to Albania.


You start this mission with a heavily damaged base which is under constant attack from Nod. You have a variety of base defenses but they cannot be online at all times. You must defend with a combination troops and defenses. You have a harvester, a war factory, and a barracks but not much else. It is possible to send the existing Pitbull to capture three cash crates to the south and two cash crates to the northwest across the river.

Enemy attacks from three vectors:

  1. Armor base to the northeast attacks either the north or east entrance with raider buggies, attack bikes, Scorpion tanks and flame tanks.
  2. Infantry base to the southwest across the bridge sends a flood of infantry to attack south and west entrance at the same time. Attacking units include militants, militant rocket squads and fanatics.
  3. Airbase on the southeast heights sends Venom gunships to pray on helpless GDI units outside the base or attack the base from either direction.

However, after the MCV arrives, all bases start producing anything they can (short of Avatar warmech and Nod Commando) in larger numbers and even upgrade their units.

One approach is to produce tanks and let them defend against enemy armor while the four Watchtowers mow down enemy infantry; after all, tanks can be repaired free or charge but infantry cannot be healed at this time. But you must supervise the defense from time to time, sometimes ordering the watchtowers to fire on enemy rocket soliders staying at a distance that does not provoke the watchtower.

Offense is the best defense

There is no mandate on getting hammered in this mission. It is possible to send eight Predator tanks, two APCs with Engineers inside and a Pitbull to overrun the armor base. (The last two provide detection, transport and anti-air support.) You may choose to capture or destroy either of the War Factories, though capturing them requires power. As such, you may wish to capture the southern War Factory (to repair units and support your anti-air escort) and the Construction Yard (which provides some power to the grid). Then build a Hand of Nod and produce Saboteurs to take over the entire base.

If you feel you can take the pressure of micromanagement further, you can also produce and send an APC with a missile squad to where the APC arrives to ambush the Nod ambush! The missile squad must garrison the building to the left of the village square (which otherwise Nod would garrison) and the APC can stay to the south of it to await a band of Nod rocket militants.

Reinforce the reinforcement!

Taking over the Nod armor base unlocks a lot of possibilities: You now have enough power, can build a refinery to boost your economy, can build Shredder turrets to defend against Nod infantry and build a lot of SAM turrets (five) in the southeast corner to defend against Nod airborne. Once the MCV arrives, you can use Nod's cloaking technology to cloak it, giving it more protection. (If you micromanage, you can cloak the escort too, all in one go.) The MCV can now sneak back to base, but remeber: All Nod infantry can detect stealth at close distance.

Taking out the southwest base at this time is a lot easier: Produce six flame tanks and send them over the right bridge into the Tiberium field and into the enemy Infantry base through the east entrance. Flame tanks excel against infantry and buildings; that's the only thing you find there. Flame tanks can also clear our garrisoned enemy buildings. That means the rest of the village is yours to take.

Take out the airbase

If you have built the five SAM turrets soon enough, you may find that Nod bombers never attack. (They know that if they do, they are as good as dead.) Otherwise, a few causalities would tech them this lesson anyway. The easiest way to take out this base is by building Nod Vertigo bombers, which do land in GDI airfields. You can send a Venom or Shadow team (ordered never to fire) to spot enemy SAMs from as far as possible and then order Vetigo bombers to take them out in on coordinated act. A huge fleet of Nod Venoms would give chase but your ample AA defense would shred them all. You can then take out enemy air towers. Be advised, elite Stealth tanks are present on the ridge. These monsters can easily tear a Mammoth tank apart.

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