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Battle of Washington DC (TWIII)

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Battle of Washington DC (TWIII)

Skirmish at Hampton Roads (Nod)


Brazilian Campaign

Part of

Third Tiberium War


March 2047


North Washington, DC


Nod tactical victory


Brotherhood of Nod

Global Defense Initiative


Eliminate GDI garrison Spread Tiberium

Repulse Nod and await reinforcements


Legendary Insurgent

GDI High Command


Flame Tanks
Black Hand
Shadow teams
Militant squads
Attack bikes and Raider Buggies

GDI Washington garrison including grenadiers, snipers and basic vehicles




The Battle of Washington DC was a decisive push by the Brotherhood of Nod to remove the GDI garrison out of the city. Nod's surprise offensive temporarily pinned down GDI troops in Blue Zone B2 before a GDI battle commander began organising a counterattack.


In their pre-emptive strike against GDI, Nod rendered all of GDI's space assets including their ion cannons offline. Nod forces destroyed most of the GDI air bases in the blue zone, replaced GDI reinforcements with their own and plummeted GDI morale with the capture of the White House. With all this done Nod forces began preparations to push the last GDI garrison out of Washington DC.

The battle

While the GDI base held on in wait for reinforcements that weren't likely to come, the Nod commander began establishing his base of operations. Knowing that GDI would attack him, he was granted to build his base defenses of Shredder and Laser Turrets. Immediately GDI began attacking in earnest, with some of the infantry garrisoning in the buildings. However Nod's Black Hand infantry and Flame tanks succeeded in burning them out. After the initial skirmishes, the area surrounding the Nod base was secured.

As Nod forces were building up, a Saboteur was able to capture the city's subway system to allow Nod troops to strike GDI patrols at different parts of the city. A Nod strike team also destroyed GDI's Tiberium silos, spreading the green crystal throughout the city for Kane. In the meantime, Nod flame tanks began burning the GDI infantry outposts in the city, clearing the way for the rest of the Nod forces. Despite GDI snipers harassing the Nod infantry and GDI vehicles damaging the Nod counterparts, Nod was able to infiltrate GDI territory and burned their base to the ground, along with the few reinforcements that landed too late on the base. With the remaining GDI forces in retreat, the commander captured Washington DC and, by extension, Blue Zone B2 for the Brotherhood.


With the Nod victory, the Nod commander was reassigned to Brazil, leaving the final nail in GDI's coffin, the capture of the Pentagon, to a less competent commander. This was a huge tactical error for Nod, as a GDI commander managed to repel the attacking Nod forces from the Pentagon, setting the way for Nod to be removed from Washington DC altogether.

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