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For other vessels of this class, see battleship.
BattleshipGDI CC3 Game1
GDI battleship offshore at Hampton Roads



Capital ship


175mm railguns (4)
SAM launcers (2)
VL SSM launcher (2)

Hit points


Armour type

Hexogonal composite

Sea speed



Bombard target area



CNCTW GDI Battleship Cameo

The battleship is a capital warship used by the Global Defense Initiative during the Third Tiberium War.


The warships of the GDI Navy are among the most advanced and deadly in the history of warfare, utilizing a state-of-the-art tumblehome hull design which allows them to retain their impressive speed and armament without increasing the overall weight of the vessel. However, this design comes with one major drawback: It inhibits the use of more than six inches of armour. GDI Naval Command has stressed that the maritime forces are to be smaller, faster and more maneuverable than the lumbering steel vessels of Nod's navy.

Design, weapons and systems

The idea of the battleship is an ancient one. Seafaring vessels have been used for numerous roles through the years, including warfare. GDI fields the latest in maritime technology: ion turbines, hypersonic projectile launchers (railguns) with electromagnetic superconduction coils (accelerators), multipurpose missile batteries, and the most advanced radar-sonar suites on the planet. Though their vessels rarely average more than 6 inches of armor at the waterline, their speed quite literally leaves the opposition in the mist.

The Spearhead-class battleships that served in the Third Tiberium War were among the newest vessels in service with GDI at the time. True to naval standards, they averaged half a foot of waterline armor, which made them much faster and nimbler than the lumbering behemoths used by Nod at the same period. They were armed with two 175mm railguns on each flank, a set of multipurpose missile launchers and two vertical launch systems installed specifically for anti-surface warfare.

They can hit targets from extreme ranges, making them invaluable instruments in GDI assaults. And their railguns create no sound, as there is no large propellant charge, making them silent killing machines. If enemy forces do show up, the vessels' speed and maneuverability can help them escape, and their autotargeting systems provide cover. However, if Nod forces should score a hit, it is a safe bet that the ship will be abandoned very soon.

Game unit

Battleships are static assault units that are only seen in the GDI missions at Langley AFB and during the Hampton Roads liberation. GDI battleships fire when Sniper Teams call in fire support. When enemies are close enough, battleships are able to fire a strong, albeit imprecise barrage. This is only seen in action in the mission at Langley AFB. In all other missions, GDI battleships are idle and serve mainly as destructible objects.

During the GDI mission, Hampton Rhodes, they are bombed by Nod vertigo bombers and are said to have no Anti Air capabilities even though they have two SAM turrets on the top of their hull.

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