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Be Quick or Be Dead
Unit Unlocked

Rocket Angel


3 vs 1


Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed


Robots and Ninjas

Be Quick or Be Dead is a Commander's Challenge mission, ranked thirty-eighth in the side challenge. Douglas Hill returns after his colleague was defeated in battle, hoping to avenge the Commander after destroying his base and taken the Spectrum Tower to FutureTech in Amsterdam. With Imperial control given by Takara (who's in battle) and Tatsu, the Futuretech Commander used Rocket Angels to attack Allied and Soviet forces in the area, leaving nothing behind. Kelly Weaver said that the Rocket Angel came from the Imperial Women's Warfare Academy in the region of Hokkaido in northern Japan. This is after Your Gold Mine has Collapsed and before Robots and Ninjas.


Despite the thirty-seven victories by FutureTech, their Commander is sent to Zaire to attack three bases and steal Takara Sato's Rocket Angel from her compound. She, Oleg Vodnik of the Soviets and Douglas Hill of the Allies are hoping to take down the Futuretech Commander before searching for a dreaded facility belonging to the victors. The Commander manages to crush the three bases and stole Takara's Rocket Angel before the enemies retreated from Zaire. Their mission to locate the facility was entirely abandoned.

Strategies and Notes

  • Your base is pre-built with a Barracks, Warfactory, Powerplants, Airfield (No airfield if you are the Empire), Base Defenses, and a Naval Yard
  • You have instant access to both Superweapons depending on which faction you decide to play as regardless of current unlocks
  • Your base is vulnerable from the rear. 
  • The enemies build fairly quickly, so get ready.

Briefing Information

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