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Launch the Blackout Missile!
- Aircraft Carrier
RA3 Blackout Missile Icons

The Blackout Missile used during War of the Three Powers is a missile that disable all electronics within a wide range and radius. It can be launched from Aircraft Carriers. Caution - the missile is effective against any electronics in its effective radius, including friendly units.

The Missile is a long-ranged Solution for pesky AA that may try to shoot down the drones launched by the Carrier and adds to the disruptive force the Carrier already brings to the fight. The Blackout is the only other option available to the Carrier if all its drones are downed, however their rate of replacement means this turn of events rarely happens. When combined with a prolonged drone attack and a Century Bomber Squadron laden with troops it can be a game-changer, few bases will survive this type of assault without devastating damage.

Judging from animation effects of explosion, Blackout Missiles may unleash graphite fibers, not EMP surges, to short-circuit electronics.

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