• Sheldonist

    UPDATE: The site's shutdown crisis has been averted. Returning administrator and creator of Command & Conquer Legos, Zee Hypnotist, has stepped up and took over the site's hosting!

    The second-oldest C&C community site left standing,, will be shutting down in the next few days.

    The site has been through the development cycles of so many C&C games, and its forums have record of things which were announced from EA's official channels. It's one of the sites that always aimed to keep the community informed on both official games and fan-made endeavours like servers, mods and music.

    Lots of original content, like articles, community summit reports and the unforgettable Command & Conquer Legos series were made on the site as well, with more…

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  • Privatejfx141

    C&C Wikias

    February 19, 2017 by Privatejfx141

    'ello folks. I haven't been as active for the past 6 months because of uni.

    Since there are a bunch of C&C wikis scattered and somewhat isolated across Wikia, I suggest we should have some sort of standardized footer in place for all of the wikis, with the footer linking to all C&C-based wikis. Which means we would need to contact the editors on the wikis that are still active (e.g. the Mental Omega wiki), just in case they don't think we're planning an awkward invasion of their sites.

    Here's a list I have managed to compiled of all the C&C-related wikis so far:

    • EVA Database - Command & Conquer Wiki

    • w:c:tiberium
    • w:c:generals

    • C&C Fanon Wiki
    • C&C Community Wiki

    • Mental Omega APYR Wiki
    • Rise of the Reds Wiki
    • Tiberium Essence Wiki

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  • Sheldonist

    The French fansite C&C Saga revealed another cancelled Command & Conquer game today: Command & Conquer: Red Alert Alliances, which was in development by 1 July 2013 by Electronic Arts Phenomic. More details in the game's article!

    EDIT: To give credit where it is due, Darth Tenebra was even faster and uploaded the images two days earlier, while I wasn't looking :)

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  • Ranger-X

    Did I already share this video with you? This is an RTS classic and my favorite game in the genre. In addition to this review (and the Generals review before it), I also want to share this Command & Conquer Wiki website if you want to learn more about the game's story, the diverse generals factions and which strategies work best.

    I contributed to the place and gave my opinion on them in their talk pages. My favorite generals per faction are as follows: "Pinpoint" Townes for the USA, Tsing Shi Tao for China and Rodall Juhziz for the GLA. I also love "Tigress" Leiong Leang because of how weird and overpowered her faction is.

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  • Ranger-X

    My favorite strategy games

    November 27, 2016 by Ranger-X

    I really like these two games, and I often brag about how much fun they are. I found two great reviews by someone named DWTerminator on YouTube.

    C&C Generals Review

    C&C Generals Zero Hour Review

    He reviewed the whole series here: DWTerminator's C&C videos

    I hope I explained why I love these games so much. :)

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  • Ranger-X

    I know it's a bit early to think about Christmas shopping, but I like to start early. While I set up the decorations and buy the tree, I will be working on my gift list for 2016. I have some great ideas.

    C&C Ultimate Collection Box Art

    The first game will be Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection, which gives players access to all 17 games in the series (from the first C&C game in 1995 to Tiberian Twilight in 2010). I watched a video review of it here: Ultimate Collection Review

    The reason I want this game is so I can play the entire series on newer PCs. Most of them will not work on Windows 7 or newer (I am not sure about Windows 10 either). All of the games are downloads from the Origin website, so only the key code is sold to the player…

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  • Ranger-X

    Or colours for the sake of my European readers. I'm an American citizen, so I spell the word differently. Anyway, there is a reason why I gave the thirteen factions of Zero Hour - fifteen if you count Ironside and Deathstrike as playable - unique colors. Here is a list of the reasons. I also included a table of their names and their faction colors in my mods.

    The USA Factions of Zero Hour

    United States

    Malcolm Granger

    Alexis Alexander

    "Pinpoint" Townes


    1. The basic United States faction is a deep blue because that is its color in the campaign missions. I always pick blue for America because it can symbolize peace and freedom, which is what they desire in the War against the GLA. Also notice that every USA faction in the table has a shade…

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  • Fastkak

    C&C memory

    October 26, 2016 by Fastkak

    I want C&C first decade in DVD but gamespy was closed so i have no idea to buy about it

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  • Francishack


    August 24, 2016 by Francishack
    •  Align Left
    • rancis flow

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  • Ranger-X

    Since I am still working on the Project-X series and uploading my Generals videos (I haven't forgotten this great game), I want to keep a running list of features for my mod projects. This is going to be a series of four blogs. The first is all 5 USA factions (1 main and four derivatives).

    Note that the bosses will have multiple battle plans, but the player can choose only one of them per game. I learned from Shockwave that the bosses weren't always all-powerful in the series. I believe they used to be specialized, but they earned the right to command the "best of the best".

    Since I am still working on the Project-X series and uploading my Generals videos (I haven't forgotten this great game), I want to keep a running list of features for my…

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  • Ranger-X

    During one of my yard working periods, I came up with some creative ideas for my Project-X mod series for Generals and Zero Hour. I usually get good ideas when I work for a couple of hours. Anyway, this is a long list of ideas, but I like them so far.

    My first good idea is to include a unique campaign mode for the X-Force called Domination mode. It is based on the Red Alert 3 Commander's Challenge where I defeat enemy commanders, steal their best technologies and then use them against the next opponent.

    Here is a list of the enemy commanders I will fight and their technologies.

    1. Dr. Thrax: Toxin Tunnel Network, Anthrax Gamma, Toxin Rebel, Toxin Demo Trap and Armored Scorpion Tank.

    2. "Anvil" Shin Fai: Fortified Bunker, Mini-Gunner, Assault T…

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  • Ryzilla

    command and conquer

    March 11, 2016 by Ryzilla
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  • Sheldonist

    Greetings, editors.

    Following a history of unlogged users' edits being more of rollback candidates than constructive additions, I have disabled unlogged edits on EVA Database. This will mean that unlogged users can still see pages, images and videos like they could before, but if they want to edit or create new pages and files, they are required to sign up first. Hopefully this will ease moderation to some extent.

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  • AndrewFord

    Apparently I made a Europe Map, so I'm looking into all the changes I've done.

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  • Sheldonist

    Cameo/icon standards

    February 7, 2016 by Sheldonist

    Since this was apparently not stressed enough, we need to form standards for unit cameos.

    For games made up to and before Yuri's Revenge, please use the images from the game files (*icon.shp/*uico.shp) - this content may vary on the game language, and all language versions are welcome (English is a priority). The so-called "textless" cameos from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge are the own work of tomsons26 and the PreRA2 mod team and as such, we do not have permission to liberally use them wherever possible. Hence, those will be removed.

    For Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath, there are already transparent PNG cameos available in the main unit article's descriptions. Cropped screenshots of the icons with the GUI backgrounds on are not considered icons and w…

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  • AndrewFord

    I love Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, there is alot going for the game, and it is fair for all 3 factions, but there are some units that don't play into that equation. These changes aim at diversity, but aims at usability of the unit while maintaining their counters and weaknesses. As much as I hate nerfing units, some needed it, although very few.

    My Philosophies:

    • Just because a unit has a purpose, doesn't mean it's good
    • A niche unit however, isn't a bad unit. Example: Crazy Ivans, V3's, Kirovs, Yuri Clones, Terror Drones.
    • A bad unit is a Tesla Trooper because Desolators are more durable, more range, similiar DPS vs Tanks, and amazing area damage utility.
    • Just because you use bad units against noobs, doesn't justify it as a good unit.
    • Some people…

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  • Bot Rot

    I don't mean to brag but...

    December 25, 2015 by Bot Rot

    500 edits in less than a month and after creating this account? Woo...hoo? Might as well continue my Imperial march   contributing. Oh, and I did this so my blog page won't be soulless like some cyborg, so yeah. Happy Holidays and have an advance Happy New Year!Bot Rot (talk) 14:24, December 25, 2015 (UTC)

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  • MiG23

    This is a novel written by fan of C&C for the fans of "Command and Conquer" series.

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  • Shayanomer

    There seems to be confusion about the chronology of the series.

    IMPORTANT: Generals does not count since it is a complete spinoff.

    On with the chronological order of games:

    • Red Alert - Can be seen as a prologue to the series as it shows us Kane.
    • Red Alert 2 - Even though Kane is absent from this game. Yuri shows the Soviet commander a photo of him with Joseph Stalin that was taken possibly during the Second World War. In Renegade, a picture of an Apocalypse tank can be seen in Cairo, inside the Temple of Nod. This highly suggests that Red Alert 2 was part of the series.
    • Tiberian Dawn - First game to feature Tiberium
    • Renegade
    • Tiberian Sun
    • Tiberium Wars
    • Tiberian Twilight

    Red Alert 3 is not part of the series since it was designed as a "what if" game.


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  • Ranger-X

    I have once again started recording myplay-throughs of both Generals and Zero Hour. Here is how I do it:

    1. I play all of the campaign missions in a chronological order so they make the most sense. I always play on the hardest difficulty so I get the highest honors every time. Since I am recording the videos, I also modify the build times for my faction to get my base and units ready as quickly as possible. I do these modifications to avoid boring my viewers. When I watched others play the game, I was getting bored too early. Waiting is no fun, so why should I subject others to it?

    2. Once the campaigns are done, I play every faction in a skirmish game but I do it like this. I do one vs. one matches. For Generals, there are at least six skir…

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  • AndrewFord

    Red Alert 95 Theory

    July 27, 2015 by AndrewFord
    • Generic Standard Build Order – p b o w w p o sell bar sell cy
    • Small Map Coil Order – power barr adv barr ore war tesla – useful on KOTG, ivory, and ridge war
    • Lotsa Money Gem Map Tanking Order – p p b o w (truck) s w w (truck) w a o w w o – good for hjk6, xgems, northern hatu, gf, gtk
    • Lotsa Money Gem Map Soviet Order – p p b o w (truck) s w w w  (truck) a o d w w w o – good for hjk6, x gems, northern hatu, gf, gtk
    • Infinite Money Tanking Order – p p b o w s w w (truck) w a w w – p4, wide open
    • Infinite Money Soviet Order – p p b o w s w w (truck) w d a w w w – p4, wide open

    • Light Tanks have more DPS (damage per second) than a Med. Tank
    • the fastest tank and take the least damage while moving
    • Due to high dps and speed, strong early game and rushes
    • Usually dies …

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  • Lorriemcliwes

    There are a lot of tricks and tips floating out there about how to boost the number of visitors on your website. As an affiliate marketer, you should be focusing on bringing in as many readers as possible. The more readers you get, the more people will call your dedicated pay per call line. And the more people who call that line, the more money you will make. But how do you boost the number of visitors? Some of the things you do will increase the number of visitors a lot, but it might not necessarily mean more people are interested in actually reading anything on your site. Your goal should always be to increase the long-term visitors instead of doing something to boost the numbers just for a couple of hours.

    Statistics matter

    When you check…

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  • OperationCrossroads
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  • Marshallamieron

    We'll guys I fastly created other Mission but for the Allies. Hope you enjoy and comment for some amazing Ideas. Don't know the first one, Click this----Operation:Psychic Waves

    This is a Allied Mission and you, the Allied General must complete his task and destroys Yuri's most Powerful Machine. You must complete the quest below to the mission:

    1) Infilrate the Yuri Battle Lab with a Spy.( Infilrate the Yuri Battle Lab with a Spy)

    2) Destroy the All 4 Psychic Dominators in Yuri's Four Borders. ( Destroy All the Psychic Dominator)

    3) Destroy the Psychic Beacons and 3 Psychic Ampliers. ( Destroy all Mind Controlling Buildings of Yuri)

    The Mission willl begin with a Allied MCV going east guarded by 5 Prism tanks and Soviet MCV that is going west gu…

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  • Marshallamieron

    Well I have Been thinking some Maps making with Final Alert2: Map Editor that I don't have. ( If possible please give a link to make this map I been wanted this but went I searh, links don't work and I'll be really happy to your Help) Well: hope you enjoy it!!!

    This a Yuri Faction Mission where you must complete the Missions below and defeat the Allieds and Soviets to the next mission. The key aspect is the second mission.

    1)  Locate the Soviet Nuclear Missile and Destroy it. (Locate and Destroy the Silo)

    2) Construct the Psychic Beacon where the Nuclear Silo was. (Construct the Beacon)

    3) Using the Psychic Beacon, You must defend it from the incoming waves of Soviets and Allies until the Mind Controlling is Complete. (Defend the Psychic Beaco…

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  • Marshallamieron

    Base Defense

    June 11, 2014 by Marshallamieron

    Ever been defeated because of weak defense or none at all, well, these plan will totally prevent air and round attacks(Red alert 2). But you must pick the correct army to make the defense.These bases can also be upgraded by using a Engineer to inflirate a enemy construction yard and gains its power or use a spy to Infilrate to obtain intelligence and more power.

    The Grand Defense is very powerful, Consisting 8-10 Grand Cannons , 15-20 Patriot Missiles System , 7-10 Gap Generator , 4-8 Spy Satellite Uplink , 6-14 Prism Tower , 10-20 Pill boxes ,a bucnh of Power Plant s,3 Airforce Command Center full of Harriers and 8-10 Attack Dogs (For spies) on Land.In water, 4-5 Naval Shipyard,10 Destroyers , 5 Aegis Cruiser, 5 Aircraft Carrier and 10 Dol…

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  • Marshallamieron

    Superweapons is my Secondary weapons in the game of Red Alert 1-3. So Superweapons does not only ranges into destructive materials and Highly advanced Tecnology. It also ranges to many more(Spy Planes-Powerful Photon Collider). I'm showing the Superweapons in the main series.

    Lets Begin:Go to the Superweapons , Allied Units and Structures Summary

    (This is under construction)

    Allied base their Superweapons most in Flying crafts and Electric charges. They can still obtain other secret weapons went stolen by engineers.

    The Soviets have develop a Nuclear rich bomb to destroy the Allied but once again stop.From these,The Allies have build Nuclear Silo no different to Soviet Ones.With these,the Allied have taken advantage to the Soviets own powerful…

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  • Dewy60

    As of June 30, a number of games - some of them among the best of all time - will have their online components cease to be supported.

    Among the casualties will be Battlefield 1942 (PC), C&C Generals (PC), Crysis (PC), Master of Orion III (PC), Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (PC), the original Neverwinter Nights (PC) and its sequel, and both Star Wars: Battlefront titles on PC.

    There are also some Wii, DS and even PS2 games among the casualties, but those ones listed above are the big ones.

    The full list of games affected is below.

    Battlefield 1942 for PC and Mac (including The Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WW2 expansions) Battlefield 2 for PC (including Special Forces expansion) Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for PlayStation 2 Battlefield 2142…

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  • Cannon7


    April 19, 2014 by Cannon7

    Okay everyone, let's say you are in the Allied forces (USA) in Red Alert and a Godmodder commander attacks your base. If the godmodder kills you, you may revive in the next turn. This is just for fun.

    Turn 1:

    The Godmodder builds a thermonuclear missile silo and aims it straight at your Construction Yard. How will you react?

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  • Terran Ghost

    About the weaponry and Raptor rifles.

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  • Armher.villacintino

    As a Employee of EA LA our Director announce new red alert 3 expansion pack which the sequel of red alert 3 uprising, and something to do with yuri in the sequel, and this could be the final WW3 Event or The Final RED Alert 3 :)

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  • PaulMKII

    A lot of ppl worked behind the scenes on the development of Mental Omega APYR 3.0 and eventually, I found myself being the Livestreamer of the Pre-release beta, showcasing the progress in development.

    On March 17th 2013 I held my first ever livestream, with audio commentary, consisting mostly of play-by-play, and Zenothist aiding me in answering any questions asked by the viewers.

    Trying out several co-commentators and co-observers, it was quickly noticed how Zenothist and I were the most informative and entertaining commentators anf thus it was decided that we would be the ones to host the stream on wednesday evenings, 19:00 GMT (non-daylight savings time)

    During a vacation I had, Graion Dilach, the person whi wrote the code for Attach Effec…

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  • Sheldonist

    Project Separation

    January 6, 2014 by Sheldonist

    Greetings, wiki lovers.

    It has come to our attention that many Tiberian Dawn articles have Renegade images and data. Although they are, by canon, concurrent, they are completely different and related to completely different games.

    Some articles have the two completely merged (like so) or just have a picture or two to connect them (like so).

    For this reason, I have started Project Separation to deal with this. Everything that is related to Renegade must be removed from Tiberian Dawn articles and placed in appropriate Renegade articles.

    Hit me up if you need more information on this.

    Thank you, Sheldonist

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  • Sheldonist

    As you may have heard so far, Command & Conquer (2013) has been officially cancelled. Victory Games staff has been fired and Command & Conquer has an uncertain future.

    Since the NDA has been lifted some time ago, you are free to post all related material you can currently get to. The game's servers are still reported to be online, as the team released a patch on Monday before they got the message they were closed, so make the most of your time available for archiving.

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  • Raymond Li

    EA posted on their officail site that development for Command & Conquer has ceased.

    The Victory Games marketing manager's tweets also confirms that Victory Games was closed by EA.

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  • The Necro Slayer Veteran

    Exactly what happens is that when I play Global Conquest with Scrin, the game stops working, an error pops up "C&C KW .exe stoped working". My strike forces I mostly use are 10 Planetary Assault Carriers (juejejejejjeje), I build mostly Treshold Towers to win quickly. Anyone else gets this error too?? btw the game is from Origin.

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  • Tagaziel

    GamesCom has come and gone, but has left a few goodies, including a trailer for campaign missions in Generals 2, pardon, Command & Conquer!

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  • Privatejfx141

    This is a speculative report I used to work on about the upcoming Command & Conquer (Generals 2). I decided to stop after the story section (because I was getting lazy), but I might continue expanding this.

    Speculative guide

    I've decided to organize myself a guide on all the new feature of the upcoming Command & Conquer (2013) / Generals 2 game. 99% of the credits goes to Alex06, several C&C forum members, and CNCSaga into providing information for the upcoming game. This is currently all under speculation.

    As the original story goes: in the near future, world leaders are mere seconds from signing a global treaty and bringing an end to war as we know it when a devastating terrorist attack rips through the peace conference, killing all in attend…

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  • Sheldonist

    Hello everyone,

    the news wheel has finally started to turn. With E3 coming very soon, we now have two generals' names - Charles "Mercury Red" Barrowsmith and our well-known Dr. Thrax, of which the former was a careless slip on Victory Games' side when the new website was about to launch. The third General is nicknamed Junkyard, but we are best to wait to see if this is his real name.

    Keep an eye out for all new things to come in the official C&C Facebook and Twitter feeds, the E3 live footage and C&C fansites. Remember, if it isn't from one of the mentioned sources, you can consider it a fake.

    Take care, Sheldonist

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  • Privatejfx141

    New C&C Forums

    June 4, 2013 by Privatejfx141

    As of last night, the official forums is currently under maintenance, having to be changed to a new layout.


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  • Muhammed59

    Generals 2 icons

    May 2, 2013 by Muhammed59

    Hello to every editors and every vistors!.

    I have searched on every c&c facebook pages and found this photo of Generals 2 icon showing the icon of the buildings and unit that we saw it from the last screen shots,as well as some unit & buildings that we not seen it like the APA commando,GLA demo drone(lol!!,the GLA will have drones units!),GLA sneak attack,APA gatling cannon and the EU air field.

    well that it is for now thanks to every body

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  • Elijah James Reyes

    in real life,the german was the most powerfull the Red alert series,hitler was erased,the power of the Reich was Replaced by the USSR,The World war two in Red Alert series was the Allies VS the USSR,the Red alert 2 was seems similar to the cold war in real life.All charcter like Yuri and Zelinsky is based on real life people.

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  • Terran Ghost

    Some stuff

    March 31, 2013 by Terran Ghost

    GDI-aligned nations in TD

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  • Privatejfx141

    I've made two simple comparison wallpapers, one comparing the overall vehicles from Generals 1 to Generals 2, and the other comparing the units of China to the units of the APA.

    EDIT: EU and GLA wallpapers are done!

    • Forum thread:
    • CNCNZ post:
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  • Sheldonist

    New C&C info in Canard PC

    February 16, 2013 by Sheldonist

    Hello everyone.

    The French magazine Canard PC has released an exclusive six-page special on Command & Conquer (2013), which you can find here and roughly translated here. It's official - the APA is an abbreviation for the Asian-Pacific Alliance, as many have guessed.

    That's all for now. Sheldonist

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  • Privatejfx141

    I would like to stress my opinions on the current name change of Generals 2 to Command & Conquer Free to Play. When I first heard that Generals 2 is now free-to-play, I knew this is going to happen. Then I heard no single-player at launch. I was disappointed. And then I heard Generals 2 will be now called "Command & Conquer", and I was p*ssed off. To this day, even though I knew Command & Conquer will be a platform and I am looking forward to the new game, I am still whining about the change of the title.

    Calling a game after the franchise and the first game will cause massive confusion to new players of the game, in which go could so far into tearing the C&C community apart. We already have a game called "Command & Conquer", also know as "…

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  • Privatejfx141

    Sorry to be a bit late on the news. Anyways, on a C&C forum thread, EA_CIRE has semi-confirmed that a third faction will appear after launch. He responded to a user who was denying there will be a 3rd faction after the Generals 2 launch, said quote:

    I guess we will get to play the APA after beta :). Here is the link to EA_CIRE's response:

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  • Privatejfx141

    I was browsing around the CnCSaga forums until I went to Tchutch's thread "CnC mérite un solo !" and I found this image:

    The translation of the title in the middle says: "Command & Conquer deserves a solo mode". It looks like Tchutch also wants Generals 2 (or C&CF2P, whatever you like to call it) to actually have a proper singleplayer campaign.

    What we know about C&C Generals 2 so far is:

    • There are three factions: the European Union, the Global Liberation Army, and the APA (Asian Protectorate Alliance ?)
    • The EU's main battle tank is called the Mk. 217 Paragon tank
    • In the concept videos of Generals 2, there maybe a rogue GLA faction lead by Danko.
    • General Pierre tried to take over North Africa

    Here's is what I noticed on the image:

    • The top-left prof…

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  • Privatejfx141

    Today, all of the seven Generals 2 concept videos were removed under the request of Eric Krause:

    I guess EA/Victory Games were pretty concerned about Tchutch leaking some of the Generals 2 info on the internet. What should we do with the info I added and updated to some of the C&C Generals 2 articles?


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  • Textchat Rogue

    Wrote something up.

    November 27, 2012 by Textchat Rogue

    What the fuck did you just fucking send to my base, you fascist scum? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Officer Corp, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on small outposts, and I have over 300 confirmed bases destroyed. I am trained in micromanagement and I'm the top commander in the entire 17th regiment. You are nothing to me but just another GDI commander. I will wipe your base the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with sending those Titans to blow up my power plants? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of bases across the world and your transmission is being traced right now …

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