This article is about the Commander's Challenge mission. For the Red Alert 2 map, see Blood Feud (Red Alert 2 map).
Blood Feud
Blood Feud Briefing
Par Time
  • 10:15 (PC)
  • 11:00 (Xbox 360/PS3)
Unit Unlocked

Archer maiden


2 vs 1

  • Before attacking, the Japanese shoguns will fight each other and ignore you.
  • Once attacking, they are both Allied against you.
Map Used

Honor Bound

Starting Funds
  • $10 000 (PC)
  • $20 000 (Xbox 360/PS3 versions)
Fog of War

Not active


Dead Meat


Defense of The Archipelago

Side Unlocked

Creeping Death

Blood Feud is the second main mission in the Commander's Challenge. This one has both Kenji and Shinzo fighting in an elaborate wargame. FutureTech couldn't believe that an unrest would've put Tatsu into exile and joining Allied occupational forces. The player is sent to destroy them, but before an attack could begin was that they ignored your warnings and if you did attack, Kenji and Shinzo would ally themselves against you.


The Futuretech Commander must fight both Kenji and Shinzo, who are fighting an elaborate wargame to settle their feud, in order to acquire the Archer maiden technology.

Challenge Information

Map Used: Honor Bound

Enemies: Shinzo and Kenji

Teams: 2v1 once you attack, before attacking they will fight each other and ignore you, but once you attack they both team up against you.

Enemy Strategy: Use of T1 units. Mainly Archer maidens and some Tengu.

Par Time: 11.00

Unit Unlock: Archer maiden

Unlocked from: Dead Meat

Main Challenges unlocked by Completion: Defense of The Archipelago


Best faction: Empire of the Rising Sun

You must be quick here, count for enemy's building number, in this case: 7 for both of them in the very start.

Build in order: 2x dojo (move these close to Shinzo's and Kenji's base),  2x Instant Generator  and 1 ore refinery in your base. Sell the MCV, your credits will be 6400 if you follow this plan, and never let any of their soldiers destroy your nanocores. Once finished, train 10 engineers for both bases which cost 10000 credits but don't worry, the refinery is doing its job.

Action: Move all of your engineers near the enemy structures. Once they are all accounted for, synchronize them by waypoint command to capture each of the buildings, and you have won the war. Best time: 4:10.

When you use the other factions, well, they cost you the precious time but remember to synchronize the engineer rush, as using brute force is not recommended, but possible.

Map Settings

Starting Cash: 10,000 (20,000 for Xbox 360/PS3 versions)

Fog of War: Not Active

Other Notes: None

Current Records [1]


Rising Sun:

Soviets: 9:57 set by Gastonloco13579

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