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RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Imperial campaign of Red Alert 3: Uprising and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Blood in the Water

Before the Hallowed Tomb


Imperial domination on the Pacific

Part of





Vladivostok, Russia


Imperial victory


Empire of the Rising Sun

Soviet Union



Destroy the Soviets and Vladivostok

Repel the Empire

Quell the Imperial uprising


Imperial commander
Crown prince Tatsu

Oleg Vodnik
Nikolai Moskvin

Giles Price


Full Imperial arsenal including the Giga Fortresses

Full Soviet arsenal. One outpost and two main bases

Full Allied arsenal



Critical. All three bases

Heavy. Surviving forces retreated

Commander, you have honored my family with your victory at Oki island. But now it is time take the fight to the aggressors. We must make Moskvin and Oleg regret than they ever stood against the Rising Sun. Attack Vladivostok and erase trace of the Soviet presence.
Once this is done, the Pacific will be ours and our control over these waters will be as it was before the War. Bring them to the knees, commander. Make them pay for their impudence!

- Tatsu

Blood in the Water is the last Imperial Mission in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising where the Empire takes the fight to the Soviets at Vladivostok.


Having pushed the Soviets out of Japan's home islands (without Allied assistance) Tatsu now believed the time had come for the Empire to rise again as a military power. The first step to retaking the Pacific was to seek vengeance against the Soviet Union by striking at Vladivostok- again.

The Battle

Time to end the enemy threats. This is the base responsible for these attacks.
Clear the nearby outpost and establish a foothold.

- Tatsu

Clearing the Soviet outpost

What is this? You think you can defeat me with such a puny force? This will be easier than fight with my wife last night.
- Oleg
Since the commander arrived with only a limited force, a nearby Soviet outpost needs to be eliminated before it could send the Imperials packing. With only a limited arsenal, the commander made use of what he had, including the dreaded Shogun Battleships, and systematically bombarded the outpost. The Battleships took out the Soviet defenses and the production facilities while the Tengus and Tsunami Tanks mopped up the rest of the outpost.

Arrival of the Giga-Fortresses

''Tatsu: I am granting you our newest most powerful weapon - the Gigafortress.
Soviet soldier: Eeaah! That "thing" is bigger than a Kirov!
The destruction of the Soviet outpost meant the Imperials had a firm foothold in the area. They also had access to their full arsenal, as well as Tatsu granting the commander the experimental Giga Fortresses. The Soviets knew that this wasn't good news and proceeded to continually assault the Imperial positions. Numerous naval skirmishes were fought in the harbour, each battle with more ships (mainly the Akulas, Stingrays and Dreadnoughts) sinking to the bottom of the water. The Empire's naval fleet was now prepared to invade the city and destroy the Soviet bases.

Allies have arrived

Just a smidge more sugar in the tea and would be… Ah, konnichiwa, commander! I am afraid than you once again broke the conditions of the post-war agreements! Now you and these Russians must be put down for this little Uprising.
- Giles Price

Unfortunately, at the precise moment the Giga Fortresses started to unleash its "God's Breath" upon the Soviets; Giles Price arrived with a sizable Allied fleet, intending to put an end to the uprising and uphold the post-war agreements. Not wanting the new weapons in the Allied arsenal to compromise their positions, the Empire delayed their assault on the Soviets and engaged in another vicious naval battle with the Allied navy. The Giga Fortresses made mincemeat of the Allied forces and destroyed their base with relative ease. Giles and the survivors decided to retreat before being captured (presumably to warn the Allied commander fighting the rebels in Japan), leaving the Empire to continue its attacks on the Soviet bases.

Destruction of the Soviet bases: The Second Fall of Vladivostok

Despite heavy Soviet resistance, the Japanese prevailed, leaving Generals Oleg Vodnik and Nikolai Moskvin to blame each other for their defeat, and recapturing the Russian port-city of Vladivostok for the Empire.


You win today. But don't think for a second that these new lands are safe.
- Oleg Vodnik

With the second fall of Vladivostok and the Allies now beginning to become aware of the Imperial Uprising, Tatsu now believed that the commander had regained the honour of the Empire of the Rising Sun and now prepares to expel the occupying Allies from Japan.


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