South-eastern Belarus






Second Nod base located here with the pellet rods


Brotherhood of Nod

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn


Get The Rods Back

Bobyrusk (known as Bobruysk) is a city in south-eastern Belarus. The second part of these pellet rods were located at a Nod base after a convoy reached the city and stalled them inside an important structure belonging to the Brotherhood.

First Tiberium War

In order to lure Kane and Seth over GDI's cut funding since the Bialystok scandal in the First Tiberium War, the GDI Commander sent by Solomon had found a convoy and reached into the Nod base to make it the same as Solomon had done. The GDI force sent to Bobyrusk was limited and as of passing guards and defenses, the Engineer sent there captured the structure and got the pellet rods, but in order to destroy the base before moving down to Ukraine, GDI destroyed the base using this limited force the same as Solomon's in Poland. After the battle was accomplished, GDI now travelled southwards to the Ukraine to rid of Nod presence in that area.

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