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Aircraft Dropped Bombs

Drop another load!
- Kirov

Typically, "bomb" refers to a type of explosive weapon delivered by aircraft, though it can also be applied to almost any explosive device that is not propelled by something (i.e., a stick of dynamite, a mine, or a "time bomb" can also all be correctly called a "bomb.")

Air-dropped bombs generally separate into two categories: free-fall and guided. Free-fall bombs do not have any guidance system; they are released, then they fall. Guided bombs have some type of guidance system (they can adjust flight surfaces, like a missile can) but, unlike a missile, do not have their own propulsion and rely on gravity; the space saved on propellant means a bomb has a larger explosive load than a missile of the same size and weight.

Examples of the free-falling type include the Parabombs of GWWII, the Kirov Airship bombs of GWWIII and WotTP, and the Century Bomber's bombs in WotTP. The guided bomb type has examples as well; the Harrier and Black Eagle aircraft of GWIII had guided bombs; the Vindicator also has such weapons in WotTP. There is one type of bomb that fits into neither category- the Empire of the Rising Sun's "Balloon Bombs." These do not truly possess a guidance system, though they can be directed somewhat, and do not really free-fall (due to the balloon supporting them.) However, should the balloon be destroyed by antiaircraft fire, the payload becomes a free-fall unguided bomb.

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