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Bomb Truck
Generals Bomb Truck
Bomb Trucks: basic, upgrade with High Explosive Bomb; upgrade with Bio Bomb



Suicide attacker



Hit points


Armour type

Truck Armor

  • $1200
  • $1000 (General Juhziz)
Build time


Produced by

Arms Dealer





Ground attack

1000 (2000 with High Explosive Bomb) (Explosion)



Attack range

150 (In which it will ram into enemies)

Sight range


Upgrades Gen1 Bio Bomb Icons Bio Bomb
Gen1 High Explosive Bomb Icons High Explosive Bomb
Gen1 Anthrax Beta Icons
Anthrax Beta (GLA and Kassad only)
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons
Anthrax Gamma (Thrax only)
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons Junk repair
Gen1 Disguise Icons
Disguise as target vehicle
Bomb Truck, ready for dispatch.
- Bomb Truck assembled of the Arms Dealer.
Gen1 Bomb Truck Icons

Bomb trucks are suicide vehicles used by GLA in Generals 1.


Old dilapidated dumpers, uparmoured by GLA and loaded to the brim with explosives. When attacking, they drive into the enemy and detonate their weapons on impact. These trucks are by default loaded with a mixed array of improvised explosives: dynamite, petrol and other incendiary devices.


I'll disguise myself as a vehicle.
- Bomb Truck on its camouflage ability
Gen1 Disguise Icons
Disguise Disguises the bomb truck as the target vehicle (any vehicle)


Gen1 Bio Bomb Icons Bio Bomb For 500$, the bomb truck is outfitted with an anthrax bomb (adding toxin residue after detonation)
The BioBomb is upgraded with Anthrax Beta (or for Dr. Thrax, Anthrax Gamma) General Rodall Juhziz doesn't have this option.
Gen1 High Explosive Bomb Icons High Explosive Bomb For 500$, the bomb truck is outfitted with a high explosive bomb (doubling their explosive damage). Dr. Thrax doesn't have this option.
Gen1 Anthrax Beta Icons Anthrax Beta Increases the Bio Bomb poison field damage Purchasable from any Palace for a cost of $2000.
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons Anthrax Gamma Increases the Bio Bomb poison field damage further. Purchasable Dr.Thrax's Palace for a cost of $2000.
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons Junk repair When purchased, all Bomb truck crews slowly repair their vehicles with improvised materials. Purchasable from any Black Market for a cost of $2000.

Game unit

- Last moments

Bomb Trucks are surprisingly resilient, but although they can be used to directly take on enemy units they are most effective when devious GLA generals manage to take the enemy by surprise. The ability to disguise Bomb Trucks helps greatly in this.

However, the GPS scrambler does not affect the bomb truck. Packing great explosive power, even a small group of Bomb Trucks can lay waste to enemy facilities or troop concentrations.

Bomb Trucks have no protection against aircraft and, having no ranged weaponry, were not best driven into heavy enemy fire. If they move too close to anti-stealth units, their disguises will also be seen through. Also, they are pretty expensive for a one-shot suicide unit.

The ability to disguise the Bomb Truck as another unit is a very useful ability. If disguised as a civilian vehicle then it will appear (to enemies only) as a white dot on the map just like other civilian buildings. It can also be disguised as your enemy's allies. Against a human opponent, however, a disguised Bomb Truck is pretty easy to spot, since they retain their original speed and maneuverability. For example, an Overlord tank speeding at your base at high speed is quite easy to spot. Another humorous thing about the Bomb Truck is that it can be disguised as drones such as the Spy Drone and the Battle Drone. Another instance is if you are playing as the GLA and said bomb truck disguises as a Rocket Buggy then you can clearly see that Rocket Buggies flip out while they are moving due to their incredible speed while bomb trucks move far more slowly. This makes it pretty easy to spot enemy bomb trucks disguised as rocket buggies, or any vehicle that doesn't match its speed, However, Battle Buses match their speed.



  • Durable suicide bomber unit
  • Relatively fast
  • Can choose bomb type for specialization against certain targets
  • Disguise ability fools stealth detection from base defenses
  • Powerful when massed


  • Expensive (the same cost as 6 terrorists), especially with bomb type upgrades
  • Defenseless against aircraft
  • Fragile
  • Disguise ability does not not fool stealth detection from units
  • Disguise ability may not work against human opponents

Selected Quotes

Bomb Truck, ready for dispatch
- When emerging from the Arms Dealer
GLA postal service
- When selected
I have a delivery
- When selected
Sorry, no tracking numbers
- When selected
I will send a clear message
- When selected
Loaded and ready
- When selected
Not responsible for damaged goods
- When selected
- When moving
Shipment on the way
- When moving
Right on schedule
- When moving
Here I come
- When moving
Nothing stops the mail
- When moving
Good idea
- When ordered to attack
- When ordered to attack
Hitting the gas!
- When ordered to attack
I will carry it through
- When ordered to attack
It is my purpose
- When ordered to attack
- When ordered to attack
They won't tell the difference
- When ordered to disguise
That's an easy disguise
- When ordered to disguise
They will be fooled
- When ordered to disguise
I'll disguise myself as a vehicle
- When ordered to disguise
What vehicle should we look like?
- When ordered to disguise
Arming bio-bomb
- When ordered to upgraded with Bio Bomb
Arming high-explosive bomb
- When ordered to upgraded with High Explosive Bomb
Bio-bomb loaded
- When Bio Bomb upgrade is complete
High-explosive bomb loaded
- When High Explosive Bomb upgrade is complete



  • Gen1 Bomb Truck Loadout
    Originally, the truck was supposed to have a third upgrade available: a combination TNT/biological device. While it was cut, the texture files for it are still present in the game. This was added in Zero Hour.
  • The words "U Die" can be seen on the Bomb Truck with the Bio-Bomb upgrade.
  • Due to a modelling mistake, the Bomb Truck's driver can be seen on both sides.
  • In the mod Rise of the Reds, if you use the Bio-Bomb it will not be destroyed but will become a wreckage that will leak Anthrax.
  • The Bomb Truck was featured in a Russian Embassy post on extremists in Syria recieving chemical weapons. While the image was marked "illustration purposes only", the usage of the unit sparked ridicule on the Internet. Link to the BBC report here-
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