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YR Gameicon
YR Gameicon
Boris (RA2 IG)





Specially modified AKM
(normal weapon)
Laser Pointer
(for calling in airstrikes)
Pistol (cheer only)



Tech level


Hit points


Armour type






Build time


Produced by

Soviet Barracks


Soviet Battle Lab

Ground attack
  • 65 (90 when elite) (BORISWH)
  • 1 (call airstrike) (AirstrikeFlare)
  • 20
  • 60 (call airstrike)


Attack range
  • 7 (9 when elite)
  • 12 (call airstrike)
Sight range



Calls MiG airstrike
Instant kill infantry

Elite upgrade

Increased range, strength, firepower, rate of fire, self-healing

Boris has arrived!
- Boris
YR Boris Icon
YR Boris Veteran Icons

Boris (Russian: Борис) was a field commander and an elite commando during Psychic Dominator Disaster, replacing the defunct Volkov and traitor Yuri's clones. He is also a recipient of the Gold Star medal, giving him the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union.


You're no match for Boris.
- Boris
Red alert 2 Boris quotes00:40

Red alert 2 Boris quotes

Boris is equipped with a specially designed AKM assault rifle, which is the successor to the AK-47 that most Rifle infantry wielded in the Second World War (although it was invented in 1947, as the name suggests). Due to extensive training and battlefield experience, he is very accurate and can dispatch most infantry with a single burst of fire from long range. This weapon also deals an appreciable amount of damage to vehicles. Boris is equipped with decent armor, allowing him to fight even some anti-infantry vehicles. One on one, he is more than a match for a Gattling tank. Furthermore, he is resistant to mind control.

MiG Airstrike

Die, traitorous dogs!
- Boris

Boris can call in a MiG airstrike against structures by designating them with a laser. The laser has a long range, allowing these strikes to be called in from a great distance away. The missiles deployed by the MiGs were extremely powerful, and two missiles are enough to level most structures, including War factories. As Boris gained veterancy, the number of MIGs called in increased, up to a maximum of four.

This attack, however, has several weaknesses. First, the attack is appreciably slower than Tanya's C4 attack, as the MiGs must fly in from off screen and back off screen before another group can fly in. Secondly, although the MiGs are tough, they can be shot down while approaching the target. Finally, the targeted structure must be designated until the MiGs actually launch their missiles, forcing Boris to choose between destroying the structure and self-defense. However, the long range of the laser is extremely useful when taking down defensive structures like Prism Towers.

Also, Boris' airstrikes can still be used (to an extent) while he is not using his laser. The MiGs turn back towards the edge of the map when he stops targeting the airstrike. When he retargets a structure with his laser, the MiGs will turn around and head back to it. Doing this, however, significantly increases the amount of time it takes for the aircraft to reach the target.


As formidable as Boris was, he does have some weaknesses. First, he cannot (or rather, will not) swim, forcing the use of an Amphibious transport. Secondly, he, like Tanya and Yuri Prime, has no defense against air units. In addition, unlike his counterparts, Boris cannot destroy a building immediately, requiring him to wait for MiGs to destroy it. On the bright side, this makes him able to destroy buildings from a safe distance.

Additional info

Fools! You can't touch me!
- Boris

Little is known about Boris' early history, other than that he was formidable enough on the battlefield to become a hero of the Soviet Union, and that he is not willing to swim for some odd reason. It is believed that he contributed greatly in Mother Russia's fight against Yuri.

After the merging of the timelines, the role of Commando was taken by Natasha during the Post-war Crisis and the War of the Three Powers.



  • Can kill platoons of infantry quickly.
  • Airstrike can be used from a safe distance.
  • Deals an appreciable amount of damage to vehicles rapidly.
  • Immune to mind control.
  • Cannot be squished by armored units other than Battle Fortresses.
  • Self-heal even when not in elite.
  • Good attack range.
  • Gains extra range and firepower on Elite status, and if he gets the firepower upgrade from crates, he can become extremely powerful inside of a Battle Fortress.


  • Expensive ($1500), and only one can be produced. (two with Yuri's Cloning Vat)
  • Helpless against aircraft.
  • Vulnerable to groups of anti-infantry vehicles, especially high pinpoint damage like from Mirage tanks.
  • Cannot (or rather, will not) swim, forcing the use of Amphibious transports.
  • Cannot win against Tanya in a one on one situation.
  • Cannot destroy a building immediately, as it takes time to call an airstrike and if ordered to move during the airstrike request, he cancels the sequence.
  • Aircraft summoned can be shot down; new aircraft need time to arrive.
  • Snipers, Desolators, and Viruses are still a threat.
  • While in no veterancy, can be overwhelmed with a large group of GIs, Conscripts, or Initiates.

Selected Quotes

Boris has arrived!
- When ready.
Boris here.
- When selected
Yes, comrade general.
- When selected
Let's light them up.
- When selected
I will point out the target.
- When selected
Don't mess with me.
- When selected
There is nothing I cannot do!
- When moving
This will be easy.
- When moving
Boris agrees.
- When moving
I have an important mission.
- When moving
Russia's fate is with me.
- When moving
Die, traitorous dogs!
- When ordered to attack
Eat lead!
- When ordered to attack
Fools! You can't touch me!
- When ordered to attack
Who is next?
- When ordered to attack
They are attacking us!
- Under fire
It's very bad here comrade!
- Under fire
I'm hit!
- Under fire
We must have reinforcements!
- Under fire
Bring on the MiGs.
- When ordered to call airstrike
Have I been gone somewhere, comrade Zofia?
- Boris in San Francisco, in any case he was killed before or during the time lapse.
I'm not swimming out there! Get me an armoured transport from shipyard.
- Boris in San Francisco



  • In Chinese version Boris' name is not transliterated like Tanya's, instead he is given a new name "菁英戰鬥兵 (Elite Combat Trooper)".
  • If transliterated into Chinese, Boris should be called "鲍里斯 (Bàolĭsī)", while Tanya should be called "譚雅 (Tányǎ)".
  • Unlike Tanya, Boris has little to no character development outside of his apparent performance on the battlefield in-game.
  • Boris's second name is never revealed.
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