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For other tech buildings.
A bridge with a Nod Convoy on it being destroyed by some GDI Hover MLRS



Transportation Infrastructure

Commander Nod has detected us and they blown the bridge!
- GDI Soldier
TW Bridge Gatehouse Icons

Bridges are important structures built to allow passage over bodies of water, ravines, or other terrain that would hinder movement. Humanity has been building bridges for millennia, yet they still retain tactical importance. They can provide a quick, safe way to get to an otherwise inaccessible area when naval or air transports would be infeasible.

During the Second World War and First Tiberium War, if a bridge was destroyed, it would remain useless to all. Tanya had to destroy several Bridges to slow down Heavy tanks. Noting that calling in experienced repair crews, while definitely realistic following a battle, would be impossible outside of one, bridge designers began building repair huts on either side of the bridge, as seen in the Second and Third Tiberium Wars.

With all the tools and technical instructions to facilitate bridge repair, an Engineer, Combat Engineer, Saboteur, or Assimilator is capable of repairing a bridge to full working order when they reach the hut. Afterwards, the engineering unit will stay in the repair hut, serving a dual purpose; they will be able to monitor how well their field repairs are holding up, and they'll be safe in a hut while battles are raging outside. If the bridge is once again destroyed, a replacement is necessary as the previous engineer has used up his/her materials to repair the structure.

Bridges in Albania had been important to GDI because they need it to get to the Nod Base.


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